Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pantene Silky Moisture Whip Review

I struggle with my hair.  I used to have really beautiful, thick, long wavy hair when I was a teenager that I loved.  Now, due to changes in my health (and probably some aging effects), it is shoulder-length, very fine, anything from slightly wavy to curly depending on the time of year and amount of humidity in the air, and damaged since I color it.  It gets quite frizzy and kind of fly-away and the curls/waves aren't defined without some help from a product of some sort.  It drives me crazy and I really miss having hair that I like.  I'm also terrible at styling it.  I've never been good at it.  90% of the time I put it up in a hair clip so I don't have to deal with it, but occasionally I'll wear it down and air-dried.  This is when I need a good styling product or something to define the waves and make it look more finished.  I've tried "curly hair"  type stuff, but I hate anything that makes my hair crunchy or leaves it looking wet for hours after it's dried.  I've tried leave-in conditioners, but they usually weigh my hair down and makes it look kind of stringy.  I'm always looking for new hair products to try in hopes I'll find the miracle products that will make my hair look amazing.  So, long story short (too late), a while ago, while I was perusing the haircare aisle in my local Meijers, I spotted Pantene's new Silky Moisture Whip and, since it claimed to be a lightweight moisturizer and styler, decided to buy it.

This has a very light, whipped texture like mousse, but without the stickiness on the fingers.  It is, essentially, a whipped leave-in conditioner.

I first thought this was going to be like a standard mousse that would make the hair kind of sticky, but it doesn't at all.  It doesn't have any hold to speak of, and I'm not sure it is supposed to.  It does define my waves, but if I brush my hair, they kind of disappear.  It has lots of moisturizing ingredients, but no polymers or anything that would hold the hair in a specific style like a mousse would.  

I use this while my hair is still damp and just scrunch it into my hair all over, including the top of my head.  It does make the hair feel "wetter" and it seems like it takes a little longer to air dry (but not by much).  It defines my waves nicely and doesn't make them at all crunchy.  Once my hair is dry, I gently run my fingers through it to give it a little more volume, but not enough to disturb the wave pattern.  It makes my hair soft and touchable.  I've also used it before blow drying my hair and it makes it much smoother, softer, and it seems to make it straighter, too.  

I think this would work well for anyone with fine hair, straight or curly.  

I don't know what it could do for thick, coarse, or even medium thickness hair.  I suspect it wouldn't do a whole lot except give a little moisture.  

For my hair, I really like Pantene Silky Moisture whip.  I am about to run out of my second can, and plan on buying another.  

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