Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

The low to mid 60°F temperatures here in Michigan really make it feel like fall has arrived, even though the autumnal equinox is not for another week or so.  It got me thinking about a few favorite things about summer and fall. 

A few things I will miss about summer:  
1) long days -- I like when it is still light out at 9pm.
2) easy dressing -- Undergarments, a dress, sandals  DONE.
3) baseball -- Although, if you count the playoffs, we have until the end of October for baseball.  Hopefully the Detroit Tigers will be in the playoffs!
4) high temperatures -- I actually enjoy hot weather.  I mean hot for Michigan (usually less than 95°F).
5) my garden -- There is still visual interest in the garden in the fall, certainly, but as plants start to die back to prepare themselves for winter, the garden starts to look less full.

What I will not miss about summer (I could only come up with one):

1) over air-conditioned restaurants/stores/theaters -- I never remember to bring a cardigan with me.

A few things I'm looking forward to this fall:
1) butternut squash soup -- I like to eat this soup in the autumn.  Yum.
2) changing leaves -- The colors of the turning leaves in Michigan can be pretty spectacular.
3) fall fashion editorials in fashion magazines -- They seem to pull out all the artsy photography for the fall issues.
4) fall fashion -- The cozy knits, layered looks, and boots boots boots!
5) fall makeup -- I love jewel tones and deep shades on eyes, cheeks, and lips, which seem to mirror the moody weather.  
6) football!

7) Halloween stuff -- Especially the decor and the candy.

What I'm not looking forward to this fall:
1) shorter days -- I don't get as much done when the days are shorter.
2) uneven temperatures -- The temperatures in Michigan can vary wildly from day to day, so I never know what to wear until the morning of that day.  And even then, sometimes more than one outfit is needed.

3) leaf blowers -- I don't know if I'm particularly sensitive to the frequency at which a leaf blower operates, but the sound absolutely drives me up the wall.  One of my neighbors is especially fond of his leaf blower and will use it whenever he feels like it and for as long as he feels like it.  I've seen him use it in the rain.  Just thinking about the sound of leaf blowers is making my blood pressure rise.

So, what will you miss about summer, and what do you like about fall?


  1. Chelsea - Tiger Love BeautySeptember 16, 2014 at 8:47 PM

    Uneven temperatures are the worst! That's all we have down here in Louisiana. One day it'll be bright and sunny, the next will be a cold front. It never seems to make up its mind.

  2. I'm definitely on board with fall fashion and makeup

  3. I'm definitely on board with fall fashion/makeup and soup. Shorter days and fluctuating weather, not so much. Leaf blowers aren't really a big problem around where I live (lots of concrete, scant trees) but I can see how that would be a nuisance. At some point in late fall/early winter they start blasting really weird Christmas music in the streets (think traditional songs that sound like they're being sung by a bunch of underwater schoolchildren) so that's something to un-look forward to?

  4. The shorter days are DEF the worst part of the fall and winter. I feel like its so depressing. I wake up for work and its dark and I come home and its dark :(

  5. Darnit, I was so using the same title for a post next week, haha! I don't have a real Fall anymore, so not much will change other than maybe it getting a smidgen cooler. Fall is one of my favorite seasons (when I lived in places that had seasons) and so I will really miss it, especially Fall Fashion....and the crispy pre-winter air.

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  6. It's like a game Mother Nature plays I swear.

  7. I would think weird Christmas music would get old pretty fast. Although, maybe pretending that the "underwater schoolchildren" are a bunch of merfolk would make it more fun?

  8. Yes! It is depressing. I kind of overcompensate for the dark days by keeping all the lights in the house turned on at all times.

  9. I have to admit, I do appreciate having 4 distinct seasons. I just wish some of them (okay, just winter really) were shorter!

  10. Thankfully we can only hear the music from the street, not our apartment. I really should come up with a backstory for the chorus of underwater schoolchildren. Someone told me it's just a recording from the local primary school, but I don't believe it. :P

  11. Have you visited the school? Are you sure it's not underwater?

  12. I walk by the school often but I've never actually been inside. Perhaps the music classroom is submerged somehow?

  13. In a swimming pool (cause you know those are really common in elementary schools)!