Thursday, May 16, 2013

NYX Round Lipsticks in Rose Bud and Indian Pink Swatches (and a cute kitty!)

I thought I would do a few quick swatches of 2 NYX round lipsticks.

First we have Rose Bud, a cool pink with a little lavender and gold shimmer.
NYX Rose Bud

Next is Indian Pink, which is a medium orange-y color with a hint of pink and gold shimmer.  This color is fairly bright on the lips.
NYX Indian Pink

From left:  NYX Rose Bud swatch, NYX Indian Pink swatch (natural light)
indoor light
no color
NYX Round lipstick in Rose Bud 
NYX Round lipstick in Indian Pink
These both have the lovely NYX round lipstick formula that is pretty moisturizing and lightweight, and kind of slippery.

My boy kitty Charlie is in my suitcase and ready to go on the trip to visit my sister in Madison, WI!
His sister Emma knows they aren't really going, so getting in the suitcase is just silly...

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