Thursday, July 31, 2014

Throwback Thursday with LORAC

Does anyone remember the LORAC Cheek Stamps (c. 2008)?

The packaging for these is rather neat, with the pressed powder blush housed in the bottom of the jar, and the lid screwing off to reveal a sponge that sits in the blush.

All you had to do to use them is to press or puff the sponge on the cheeks.  It's possible to apply too much blush this way, so sometimes blending with a brush was necessary.  You could also just use a brush to grab some of the blush from the bottom of the pot if you thought using a sponge was too yucky.

The blush is silky and quite pigmented.  There were maybe five shades available.

Pink Paradise is a cool, blue-based, matte pink.  Hibiscus is a warm pink with sparkle.

from left: Pink Paradise, Hibiscus

I really liked these and will still occasionally use them, although with a brush and not the sponge.

Cute and cool, right?

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Amazing Daylilies In My Garden

I've had various daylilies blooming in my garden during the past month.

'God Save the Queen'

'God Save the Queen' is glorious.  Large bloom and rich colors.

'Eight Miles High'

'Eight Miles High' has long petals that droop a little and give it an unusual look.

'Eight Miles High' behind the hosta and in front of the Japanese Maple.

'Bela Lugosi'

'Bela Lugosi' has large blooms and a dark, almost velvety look.

Hand for scale


'Inwood' has cool color-tipped ruffles.

Common orange daylily

I don't know the proper name for this daylily.  I think it may be sometimes called a "Ditch Lily".  It is ubiquitous in my neighborhood.

Old English D in the back!

'Spiny Sea Urchin'

The ruffles on the edges of 'Spiny Sea Urchin' occasionally look like spines or teeth.  Smallish bloom.

'God Save the Queen' on the left, 'Spiny Sea Urchin' on the right (and in different light so the blooms look different then the above photos)

'Mildred Mitchell'

Mildred Mitchell has smaller blooms than I expected.  I like the lighter petals behind the front petals.

My favorite daylily we have is 'God Save the Queen'.  It's spectacular.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

EotD Using the Tape Method

After seeing Phyrra do some amazing eye looks, and reading Chelsea's pictorial over at Tiger Love Beauty, I decided I really needed to try using tape to create an edge to the shadow on the outer part of the lid.  Chelsea softened the line in her look, but I decided to keep mine sharp for a more graphic look.

I used:
   Kat Von D Chrysalis Palette --
                   Melancholia (shimmery silver) on the moving lid
                   Graphic Nature (shimmery dark silver) on the outer 1/3 of the lid and lower lashline
                   Glasswing (matte dark tan) in the crease and up towards the brow
                   Lifelike (matte ivory) under the brow
                   Lunar Lights (shimmery light silver) by the tear duct
   LORAC Front of the Line PRO Liquid Eyeliner on the upper lashes
   L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara
   Tarina Tarantino Hyperliner eyeliner in Tommy Jet on the waterlines

from left: Melancholia, Graphic Nature, Glasswing, Lifelike, Lunar Lights

My husband loved this look, and it was perfect for date night.  He's been requesting more eye looks using tape ever since I did it!

Have you ever tried the "tape method"?  P.S.  I don't know if that's really the name for it, but it's mine.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Look of the Day Gemstone Series: Garnet

The gemstone that inspired today's look is January's birthstone, garnet.

Garnets can be found in all colors of the rainbow.  According to the American Gem Society, the stone was named for its resemblance to a pomegranate seed (pomegranate's scientific name is Punica granatum --- so, it makes sense: granatum --> garnet).  There are six different species of garnet that differ from one another in chemical composition, but share similar physical characteristics and crystal forms.

According to Wikipedia, garnets have been in use as gemstones and abrasives since the Bronze Age (c. 3000 - 600 BC).  Crushed garnets are sometimes used to create "garnet paper", a kind of sandpaper which is primarily used for woodworking.

source: American Gem Society

Almandine garnets are most commonly used as gemstones, and they are the red color I imagine when I think of a garnet.
Click to enlarge - Almandine garnet from GemSelect

From the LORAC PRO Palette, I used the shadow called "Garnet" as it is the deep red color of an almandine garnet, and because it's named garnet.  ;)

I used Garnet on the outer 1/2 of the lid, crease, and lower lashline.

I used Nude on the inner 1/2 of the lid, under the brow, and in the inner corner.

I used Milani Shadow Eyez in Almond Cream on the lid as a base.

I added some of the L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadow in Glistening Garnet for a little extra color in the crease.  Yes, I also used it because it is named Glistening Garnet.

I also used L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly mascara, Sonia Kashuk gel eyeliner in Ebony on the upper lashline, and Tarina Tarantino Hyperliner eyeliner in Tommy Jet on the lower waterline.

I kept my cheeks and lips neutral choosing Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed, Milani Color Statement Lipliner in Nude, and Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Plump Perfect Lipstick in Perfect Blossom (discontinued).


from left: Milani Shadow Eyez in Almond Cream, LORAC shadow in Nude, LORAC shadow in Garnet, L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadow in Glistening Garnet

from left: Tarte blush in Exposed, Milani lipliner in Nude, Elizabeth Arden lipstick in Perfect Blossom

I think this is actually quite a wearable look.  The "Garnet" shade from the LORAC PRO Palette has enough brown in it to make it seem more neutral than it looks in the pan.  It may be my favorite color in the PRO Palette.

Thanks for checking out my garnet inspired look today!