Saturday, May 4, 2013

CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in Pink-finity Swatches and Review

CoverGirl introduced some new nail lacquers not too long ago, and I decided to try one of the baby pink colors.

CoverGirl says:
  • Glossy color lasting as long as one week
  • Color with built-in top coat

The packaging reminds me of Chanel's nail polishes, except that the square cap doesn't pull off.

The brush is narrow and isn't flat on one side, so the brush strokes are thinner than some polishes and take a few more passes to cover the nail.

Pink-finity is a milky, cool pink that is opaque after 3 coats.

This does seem like quite a long-wearing formula that is nice and glossy without a top coat.  (I took these pics after 4 days of wear, and I have no chips whatsoever.)

This color applies streaky, but once it's opaque you can't tell there were any problems with that.  Other than the streakiness with this color, it applies smoothy.

I'm impressed by this nail polish and I want to try more of the colors (why not when they are $5?).

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