Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pass the Wine (Look of the Day)

I'm attempting to come up with witty names for my face of the day posts.  Probably a bad idea.  The "wine" I'm referring to is the shade "Sangria" from the Anastasia Tamanna Palette I used today.

With flash:

      from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamanna Palette
                --- Bengal (matte tan) in the crease and a little above
                --- China Rose (shimmery peach) on the moving lid
                --- Sangria (shimmery red wine) on the outer third of the lid and crease, lower lashline
                --- Fresh (matte ivory) under the brow
                --- Blush (shimmery ivory) in the inner corner
                --- Noir (matte black) as liner on the upper lashline

from left: Bengal, China Rose, Sangria, Fresh, Blush, Noir

Cheeks: Clinique Cheek Pop blush in Ginger Pop

Lips: Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer in Petalite

from left: Clinique Cheek Pop in Ginger Pop, Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer in Petalite

In the photos of my face the Revlon Petalite lip lacquer looks more cool toned than it really is.  The swatch is closer to the true color.

In case you were curious, Sangria from the Tamanna palette is pretty similar to MAC Cranberry eyeshadow.  Cranberry is a slightly browner, but they are awfully close.

from left: Sangria from the Tamanna palette, MAC Cranberry eyeshadow
(natural light)

Here's one last shot of my face.  There always has to be at least one picture of me grinnin' like a fool.

Have a wonderful day my friends!!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Happy Monkey Day

I want to wish everyone a very happy Monkey Day!

Today is the day to celebrate all things monkey, ape, and generally primate-related.

This Emperor Tamarin has his party mustache on!

photo from wikipedia

We tend to celebrate Monkey Day everyday in my family, with monkey stuff hanging around the house (get it?  hanging?  'cause monkeys hang in trees? get it? ...)

This little guy hangs on our fridge.

I know King Kong is technically a great ape (very great), but I thought I'd include this painting that hangs in our dining room (painted by my husband).

On a more serious note, today is a good day to learn about endangered species and habitats.

I'd like to introduce you to the critically endangered Tonkin snub-nosed monkey.

Tonkin snub-nosed monkey picture - one of the hundred most threatened species
Photograph by Xi Zhinong, Minden Pictures/Corbis

Tonkin snub-nosed monkeys have a distinctive look with a flattened face, an upturned nose, pale blue rings around the eyes, and large pink lips.

Credit: Nguyen Van Truong
Credit: Nguyen Van Truong/FFI

This species of monkey, believed to be extinct until it was rediscovered in the early 1990s, is native to northern Vietnam.  Like many endangered species, the population decline in the wild is due to habitat loss and hunting, and it is estimated that only 200-250 Tonkin snub-nosed monkeys are left in the world.  But, there is some encouraging news involving this species.  A survey performed in 2013 in the Khau Ca Species and Habitat Conservation Area in the Ha Giang Province in Vietnam recorded 108-113 individuals living in the protected area, up from around 90.  Hopefully, the continued protection of the Tonkin snub-nosed monkey in the Khau Ca Species and Habitat Conservation Area will ensure the species' survival.

photo from

By the way, I, of course, am wearing my Monkey Day socks.

I hope you all have a fantastic Monkey Day!  

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Loveliness

I acquired the Too Faced Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette recently (yay for birthday presents!), and have had a couple of occasions to play with it.  I am actually still(!) sick, so I haven't been wearing much makeup at all over the past month, but I did put some on last week and came up with this look.

Eyes: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk (matte white) as a sticky base on the moving part of the lid
          from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
                   --- Candied Violet (sparkling purple) on the moving lid
                   --- Amaretto (brown with pink shimmer) in the crease and lightly on the lower lashline
                   --- Salted Caramel (matte tan) above the crease
                   --- White Chocolate (matte cream) under the brow

from left: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, Candied Violet, Candied Violet over NYX Milk, Amaretto, Salted Caramel, White Chocolate

You can see Candied Violet has a very sheer base color, so using a sticky base (like a NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil) really helps make the color more vibrant.

          Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper (black liquid liner)
          Mally Voluminous Mascara

Cheeks: from the Tarte Pin Up Girl blush palette -- Embraced (shimmery plum)

Lips: Sonia Kashuk Shine Luxe Sheep Lip Color in Sheer Berry

from left: Tarte Embraced blush, Sonia Kashuk Shine Luxe Lipstick in Sheer Berry

The Chocolate Bar palette is really quite fun to use.  I like looking at the chocolate bar packaging (even if it does make me want a Hershey's bar in the worst way), admiring the colors, and smelling the whole dang palette.

Even though I have only used the Chocolate Bar palette a few times, I can tell it's going to be a favorite of mine.  It's so versatile and lovely to use.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Madame Butterfly in Detroit

I love how this look turned out.

So, what time is it?

Opera time!

This month the Michigan Opera Theater presented Giacomo Puccini's Madame Butterfly.

Madame Butterfly is the tragic story of a Japanese woman (Cio Cio San aka Butterfly) who marries a U.S. Naval Officer (Pinkerton).  Pinkerton leaves Butterfly, who expects him to return, but he doesn't show up again until 3 years later with a new American wife.  Upon his return, he learns that Butterfly gave birth to his son after he left.  He can't handle the truth, so he takes off again like a true coward.  Butterfly agrees to let her son be raised by Pinkerton and his new wife, and, with nothing left in her life to live for, she kills herself.  I couldn't even cry at the tragic end of the opera because I was so pissed off at Pinkerton.

As usual, it was a wonderful production, and we had a great time.  My husband suggested that we start having dinners based on what opera we're seeing that night, so we ordered some take out sushi!  (We've found it's easier to eat at home than at a restaurant before the show so that we can make sure we get to the opera house on time.)

I wore some cool tights with a peacock feather pattern.

I wore some earrings and a matching bracelet that I bought from JewelMint years ago.

I curled my hair using hot rollers and wore a pretty headband.

And now, on to the makeup.  I took these photos at the end of the night.  My makeup and hair held up quite nicely, with only a little wear showing on my nose and chin.

Eyes: from the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette
                  --- Dust (sparkly light pink) used with ELF Mist & Set all over the lid
                  --- Nooner (dark matte mauve) in the crease
                  --- Limit (light matte mauve) above the crease to blend out Nooner
                  --- Strange (light cream) under the brow
                  --- Blackheart (sparkling brownish black) as liner on upper and lower lashlines

from left: Blackheart, Nooner, Limit, Dust, Strange

         Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Perversion (very black) on the waterlines
         Mally Voluminizing Mascara

Cheeks: Milani Baked Blush in Fantastico Mauve

Lips: NARS Audacious Lipstick in Anna

from left: Milani Fantastico Mauve Baked Blush, NARS Anna Lipstick

And now, I will leave you with a couple of photographs of the beautiful lobby of the Detroit opera House.

I'm so fortunate to be able to go to operas with my family and have such wonderful times with them!