Tuesday, June 3, 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatics Haul

Yes, I fell for the MAC Alluring Aquatics collection just like everyone else.  I did some website stalking to get the stuff I wanted.

I will be keeping these boxes (which look green instead of the turquoise they are because the lime green wall behind them is being reflected in the metallic goodness of the boxes)!

I bought Mystical Creamsheen Lipstick, Water Deities Lipglass, Silver Sun Extra Dimension Eyeshadow, and Refined Golden Bronzing Powder.

from left: Silver Sun eyeshadow, Water Deities Lipglass, Mystical lipstick, Refined Golden bronzer

I am now regretting not buying Fathoms Deep (the blackened metallic purple eyeshadow in the collection).

Did you get your hands on anything from this collection?

P.S.  All right.  Full disclosure time.  I couldn't decide on which bronzer to get (Refined Golden or Golden), so I bought them both.  *sheepish grin*

Here they are side-by-side.

 from left: Golden, Refined Golden

Golden is definitely lighter and more subtle, and not as warm-toned as Refined Golden.  Refined Golden also has some gold sparkle, which is more obvious in the pan than on the face.

I've been self-tanning, so Refined Golden is my color of choice right now, but Golden will be great for when I'm not self-tanning.


  1. This is sort of random but another blogger posted about turning empty cosmetics boxes into wall art, and it made me think of you. I guess because you said you like to keep the boxes sometimes! http://www.fanserviced-b.com/project-make-subscription-box-wall-art/

  2. Holy cow that is cool. A big installation piece made of cosmetics boxes belongs in my bedroom.

  3. I didn't get anything from this collection, and I am really regretting it! Silver Sun is so pretty! I want every eyeshadow I have seen from this collection!

    xoxo Lauren | Will Sing For Makeup

  4. I am actually considering looking on ebay for the other eyeshadows...

  5. Thanks Beth! I couldn't afford to buy it all, even though I wanted to!

  6. Same here, I didn't get anything from the collection. I am trying to save for a trip to El Paso to see my daughter and grandbabies!

  7. Ohhh! That sounds awesome (and more important than some MAC makeup).

  8. Ah, I was so tempted by this collection and really had to restrain myself! You picked up some lovely products here! MAC Golden used to be my go-to bronzer. It's really great for fair skin! :)

  9. I guess you could say I restrained myself somewhat because I didn't buy every single product!