Saturday, June 21, 2014


Some of the irises I planted in my garden last fall have bloomed.  Here are the four that bloomed so far:

"Sunrise Elegy" -- I love the furry yellow "caterpillars" on the white part of the petals

"Change in the Weather" on the left, "Girly Girl" on the right

"Place Your Bets"

"Place Your Bets" got knocked over and chomped by someone...

The carnage!  (That's the soaker hose and a landscape light, by the way.)

I was able to save the bloom that was chomped off, and I put it in some water, and it lasted a few days. 

We have several other irises, but none of them bloomed or even have buds.  I think bloom time is over for them, so I guess we have to wait until next year to see the flowers.  I'm wondering if they are in too much shade or if I planted them wrong.  They are growing well and have lots of leaves, but no flowers...

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. So beautiful! But boooo for chompers. At least you were able to enjoy it indoors for a while.

  2. I don't know who the chomping culprit was, but I wanted to smack them when I discovered my mangled plant. Even if it was a cute, fluffy bunny.

  3. Oh! My! Gosh! They are all so beautiful!!! You are an amazing gardener!

  4. I love how dramatic and ruffly irises are.