Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Late May/Early June 2014 Garden (Lots of Pics)

Ahh, the spring garden.  So wonderful.

First the close-ups of various plants:

'Black Parrot' Tulip -- My parents brought back a bag of these for me from the Netherlands.

'Cummins' Tulip

'Cummins' and 'Black Parrot' Tulips together

Bleeding Heart

Lily of the Valley

Solomon's Seal and Hosta


Couple of different colors of Dianthus


'Southern Comfort' Heuchera

'Fire and Ice' Hosta

Some sort of wildflower that showed up in my sun garden

Tiarella (aka Foamflower)

And now, some garden overviews:

Those Allium on the right are about to pop!

Ohhh I just love my garden.

Thanks for taking today's rather long garden tour with me!


  1. Absolutely beautiful!!!! I am so jealous! But, thanks to you, we have began with our front yard gardening!!

  2. Hooray!!! I am so tickled that I helped inspire you! I have found that gardening can really bring joy into the world.

  3. It has brought me joy, but I have to be honest, my husband has done most of the work.

  4. If he's willing to do the work, I would bet he's enjoying it. It's very satisfying work, in my opinion.

  5. He does really enjoy it! It seems to help him relax and de-stress. Since he is a Critical Care Paramedic, he needs all the de-stressors he can get. He has been doing it for over 25 years!

  6. Oh wow. That does sound like a stressful job.