Saturday, June 7, 2014

Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning Quick Review

I can't tell you why this isn't called Self Tanner instead of Self Tanning.  Maybe it's the translation from French.  In any case, I love this stuff.

I've never been one to self-tan my face because I've always been concerned that it would be all blotchy and weird because I use a BHA (salicylic acid) or AHA (glycolic acid) or a retinoid on my face almost every night.  I figured if it didn't work for my face I could always use it on my body somewhere.  My legs usually need a little help in the color department after a long winter.  But, I love it on my face, neck, and chest!

I've found that this self tanner is gradual and subtle enough that I can switch it with my regular skincare every other night and it gives me a nice glow and color.  It also claims to soften the skin, and I feel like maybe it does, so it kind of works as skincare, too.

It is a milky liquid that feels wonderfully light and dries quickly.  It has a herbal-y plant-y scent on application that at first I wasn't too fond of, but have grown to really like.  It doesn't have the signature self tan gross smell (I can't smell it at all!), and it is buildable, so for more color, I just apply it every day instead of every other day.  It also seems light enough in texture that it could be worn during the day. I just choose to use it at night.

As with any self tanner, be sure to wash your hands after application.  Even though this is a gradual tanner, it will stain the palms (I learned this after waking up with a tan palm one morning).  You can apply this with a cotton pad because it is liquid-y enough, but I don't bother with one, and I just use my hands.

I love the color this gives me, and the light, refreshing feeling of it on the skin.  Plus, no self tan smell?  Big thumbs up from me!

Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning is $36 USD for 4.2 oz.

P.S.  Is it self tanner or self-tanner?  To hyphenate or not to hyphenate...


  1. I've always loved Clarins sunscreens and self-tanners. Super effective and they smell super nice! This one sounds like a winner- glad you're liking it :)

  2. I kinda wish I hadn't waited so long to try a Clarins self-tanner!

  3. I have never tried a self tanner at all, I have such a fair complexion, I need to....LOL!

  4. I used to be all about rockin' my fair skin, but my husband likes it when I have a little color in the summer -- however, he is very anti-tanning (so am I), so self tanner is the only way to go. Were it not for him, I probably wouldn't bother with self tanner! lol

  5. My husband is the opposite, I am like, I am going to try a self tanner and he is like, "You don't need to use no self tanner", We both agree, no tanning bed so I guess, I will just be fair!.....LOL!