Friday, June 13, 2014

Sonia Kashuk Brush Couture 5 Piece Brush Set Review

Have you seen Sonia Kashuk's summer collection?  There is an awesome set of brushes with colorful snakes that look kind of like mosaics on the handles.


Yeah, I had to have these.

The set comes with a powder/blush brush, foundation brush, all over eyeshadow brush, crease/blending eyeshadow brush, and a eyeliner brush.

The powder brush is not particularly large, and is just just the right size to use under the eyes to set concealer.  I also think it is a good size for contouring.  The foundation brush is a flat, non-fluffy, synthetic bristle brush.  I'm usually too lazy/impatient to use foundation brushes, so this brush has been getting the least amount of use.  I will say, it works nicely with concealer.  The all over eyeshadow brush is quite wide and very soft, and it's really great to use for a quick application of color on the entire lid.  The crease brush is somewhat small, narrow and slightly stiff (without being at all scratchy or prickly), and I like it for a good concentration of color in the crease, or for applying highlighter colors under the brow and in the inner corner by the tear duct.  The liner brush is nice and stiff, so it is excellent for use with a gel or cream eyeliner.  (My favorite gel eyeliner happens to be Sonia Kashuk's, actually.)

All of these brushes are wonderfully soft, do not shed, and, naturally, apply makeup beautifully.

Sonia Kashuk makes really great affordable brushes.  I have several eyeshadow brushes and a blush brush that I've owned for probably a decade, and they are some of my favorite brushes.  I would absolutely recommend them.

This set is $16.99 USD at Target.  There are also matching makeup/accessory bags of various sizes available with the same snake print.

Like this one:

Have you ever tried Sonia Kashuk's brushes?

Have a gorgeous day, friends!


  1. I don't think I have ever tried Sonia's brushes. I like the prints and designs, but the price point is kind of strange to me. They're not really drugstore, and the price is like Sigma, so I feel like I would rather had Sigma.

    I like the look of that crease brush though. I find that most are too big for me.

  2. Ooh these look nice! I love Sonia Kashuk brushes :D

  3. What a cute little set! I've been really happy with all of the Sonya Kashuk brushes I've tried :)

  4. Oh wow, the patterns on these are so fun! I'm guessing they're all synthetic, right?

  5. Actually, I think the foundation and possibly the liner brushes are the only ones with synthetic bristles. However, I don't have the box with me to check. (I'm at my parent's house taking care of my mom after her surgery.)

  6. They make me happy when I use them.

  7. The crease brush is probably my favorite of the set. I don't think I have another quite like it. Where do you buy your Sigma brushes? I bought one from, but have considered buying some straight from their website.

  8. I think they are really excellent brushes. Her sets are always so well put together, too.

  9. Definitely some of my favorites. Great brushes with fun handles equals a win in my book!

  10. did you ever heard about "zoeva" ?
    you can get them only about the douglas online store, but they are not expensive and very very good :)

    what do you think about floral prints ? check my blog for my newest flower look

    kisses from Berlin :)

  11. I have one Sonia Kashuk brush and like it. This set is so cute!

  12. I've heard of Zoeve, but never tried them. They look like great brushes!

  13. She does nice sets around the holidays, but this one was so cute I couldn't pass it up. Plus, I knew I was going to love the crease brush.