Friday, June 20, 2014

E.L.F. Disney Ariel Treasure Within Beauty Book Swatches

Look what I got my hands on!

I'm such a sucker for Ariel stuff.  She is my favorite Disney princess.  I have Ariel t-shirts, pajamas, the fancy Diamond Edition Blu-Ray DVD combo pack of the film, a gorgeous Ariel mug, of course the Sephora Ariel Storylook palette, and now the E.L.F. Ariel Treasure Within Beauty Book.  I have also been told by more than one little kid that I have red hair "like Ariel" (yes, it's out of a box, but still...).

The palette opens up like a book.

The nautilus shell is actually a mirror!

The side with the nautilus shell opens to reveal a face chart.

Here's what the whole palette looks like fully opened up.

After first seeing this collection on Nouveau Cheap, I knew I was going to have to track down the face palette.  I considered buying it online as soon as it showed up on and, but by the time I had decided to do so, it had sold out (well, has it on backorder).  Sheesh.  Worse than a limited edition MAC collection.  Anyhow, after looking up on what stores supposedly had it in stock, I did some driving and was able to find it!  The store also had the brush set, but I decided against it, because, with the exception of the shader eyeshadow brush, they didn't look like brushes I would really use.  The crystals on the handles and the little carrying case were cute, though.

The shadows are on the sheer side, but pack a little more punch over a primer.  The only matte shade is the purple called "Seashell".

Swatches dry, with no primer:

top row: Sand Dollar, Coral Reef, Tropical Wave

middle row: North Star, For Shore, Siren Song

bottom row: Seaweed, Seashell, Brilliant Sea

 Swatches dry over E.L.F. Eyelid Primer:

top row

middle row

bottom row

The bronzers are fairly dark, have a little sheen to them, and give lots of color.

The lipgloss is decently pigmented for a gloss, isn't sticky, and smells and tastes sweet.

The eyeshadow brush is quite nice and soft.  It is better than the brush that came with the Maleficent eyeshadow set from last fall.

The E.L.F. Disney Ariel Treasure Within Beauty Book retails for $10 USD.

Part of me wishes Disney had been more faithful to the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale and kept the story a tragedy with the little mermaid throwing herself into the sea because she can't bear to kill the prince she loves and then transforming into seafoam and then becoming a spirit.  Quite beautiful, but maybe a little much for the traditional Disney audience.


  1. I ended up ordering the bronzer and the brush set. I can't resist Ariel things, especially makeup! The shadows look pretty, now I'm thinking of hunting this down lol. Although, I bought the Ursula shadow book a while back and still have yet to use it!

  2. I think this might be worth finding. I have the Maleficent palette from last fall, and the shadows in this one seem like better quality. I hope you can find it if you decide you can't live without it!
    Yay for Ariel makeup collecting!

  3. I really want this kit just because its the little mermaid! I love disney movies. My husband just got my The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast for my bday. Those two are my favs! And what is this about throwing herself over the edge? I have never heard this lol

  4. The movie is based on the fairytale written by Hans Christen Andersen (written in 1837-- I looked that up, lol). It's actually quite different to the film in many aspects. I loved the story as a child (I had a book of Andersen fairytales that my mom would read to me). Even though they "Disney-fied" the story, I still love the movie.
    If the palette was a different Disney princess, I don't think I would have felt like I had to have it. Ariel is my fave!

  5. I'm gonna have to look into this fairytale now! lol

  6. It's definitely a bittersweet story, but I do love it.

  7. How pretty! Love anything Little Mermaid related. I got the movie on VHS for my 7th birthday and think I watched it every day for a month! It's still one of my all-time faves :)

  8. It's definitely one worth watching over and over!

  9. Primer makes all the difference with these shadows! This is so cute. I'm going to have my eye out for this!

  10. I'm always amazed how big a difference primer can make. I can definitely tell the difference when I forget to use one.

  11. I love the bottom row of colors and the lip gloss! I am the same way about Tinkerbell or Butterflies! Sorry, I am behind on reading your blog posts. I have been dealing with web host server issues and internet issues.

  12. The green is a "happy" color, in my opinion.
    Boooooo for internet issues.