Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Perfect Formula Gel Coat Review

So, I have to admit, QVC introduced me to this product.  The show for it was so convincing with all the before and after photos, but I couldn't bring myself to buy it (mostly due to the price, but also because it was being sold on TV).  Sephora started carrying it shortly after I saw it on QVC and I decided to buy it after reading some reviews.

Perfect Formula says:
"The Perfect Formula product line is designed to make beautiful hands and feet easily achievable for anyone. Our unique nail strengthening formulas have given thousands of women longer, stronger, healthier natural nails."

I've always had soft nails that were always peeling.  I could never get them to grow, and I ofter wore press-on false nails (I tried acrylics for a couple months and didn't like them, and my nails ended up in worse shape after)  to give me the longer length I wanted.  

I started using this maybe a year ago, and have been through at least 3 bottles applying it once a week as directed.  My nails now grow so long and strong that I actually have to trim them, so I am quite convinced Perfect Formula makes a difference.  

I could tell immediately that this strengthener was going to make a difference on how well my nails can grow. My fingernails don't bend at all when I have it on my nails, so it makes them stronger as soon as it is dry.  

Dry time is very fast, especially for the first coat (I usually apply 2, but I think one may be enough).  I use it as a base coat and wear any nail color over it.  It can also be used as a top coat to touch up throughout the week since it gives a nice glossiness to the nails.  

It is supposed to be removed once a week and reapplied on the natural nail.  I like to go without anything on my nails for half of a day or a full day once a week just to let them breathe.  My nails feel a little more bendable during the time I don't have anything on them, but go back to being not bendable once I put the Perfect Formula Gel Coat back on.

One of the things that kind of bums me out is that the gel coat gets less liquid-y over time, so by the time you get down to the last 3/4 of the bottle, the formula is thicker and harder to apply.  It does take ages to go through a bottle, though.

I am quite impressed by this strengthener.  This stuff really works!

Of note:  This is not 5 or 3-free.  It does contain Formaldehyde (like most other nail strengtheners--I think it is probably why they work).  

Perfect Formula Gel Coat is $24 for 0.6 oz and can be found at Sephora and QVC.

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