Friday, September 27, 2013

NYX Love in Paris Eyeshadow Palette in Mon Cherie Swatches and Mini Review

NYX introduced a new selection of eyeshadow palettes this past spring, but I just recently got to try a couple of the "Love in Paris" palettes which have nine shadows.  I have Mon Cherie to show you today.

These shadows are not chalky or powdery, and most are decently pigmented.  Some are more buttery than others, but they all perform better over a primer.

Swatches without primer
daylight bulb


natural light

I swatched these both without and with primer (Urban Decay primer Potion), so you can see the difference it makes.

Far left row--top: shimmery reddish brown - soft, good pigmentation
                    middle:  shimmery orangey copper - soft, excellent pigmentation
                    bottom:  matte brownish black - a little stiff and slightly sheer

without primer
with primer

Middle row--top:  bright pinky purple - soft, decent pigmentation 
                   middle:  glittery forest green - kind of sheer (much better with primer)
                   bottom:  shimmery pink pearl - sheer

without primer
with primer

Far right row--top: glittery navy blue - kind of sheer (much better with primer)
                      medium: white with gold iridescence - soft
                      bottom: antique warm gold - a little sheer

without primer
with primer

without primer (natural light)
with primer (natural light)
This is a lovely little palette.  It has a great selection of jewel tones, neutrals, and highlight colors.

NYX Love in Paris palettes (9 color palettes) retail for $10 (USD).


  1. What a lovely palette! So many rich, pretty colours- especially with primer! Will have to check it out :)


    1. Primer seems to make a big difference with this one!