Monday, September 30, 2013

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Eyeshadows in Bone and Sandstone Swatches

I have a few simple swatches of two matte neutral colors from the Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Eyeshadow line today.



Bone is a matte cream color (Bone is a good name for it, actually).

Sandstone is a matte nude color.

From left; Bone, Sandstone
daylight bulb


natural light

I reviewed Amethyst, Golden Orchid, and Romance here.  The formula for these seem a little different.  They are less buttery, but still very smooth.

These make great transition/blending colors (to transition from a bright or dark color on the moving lid into the crease and under the brow), and Bone makes a good matte, highlight used under the brow.  They also work well as simple nude colors to brighten the lid.

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