Tuesday, March 12, 2013

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Swatches

I thought I would do a few simple swatches of the NYX Jumbo Eye pencils I have. These are great as "sticky" bases (different than a primer) to intensify powder eyeshadows, but not so great on their own.  They come in 32 colors.  They do require a jumbo sharpener since they are not self-sharpening.

From left:  Strawberry Milk, Milk, Black Bean, Lavender, Cashmere, Oyster (without flash)

(with flash)

Strawberry Milk is a shimmery medium pink.
Milk is a medium matte white that works well under all eyeshadows to
                             make them really pop!
Black Bean is a matte true black.
Lavender is a frosty light blue-toned lavender.
Cashmere is a shimmering yellow gold.
Oyster (my favorite) is a duochrome light pinky purple with a blue shift.

Strawberry Milk, Milk, Black Bean

Lavender, Cashmere, Oyster

Have any favorite NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils?

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