Friday, March 15, 2013

Maybelline Color Whispers

Maybelline just launched a new lipstick formula that is taking the blogosphere by storm.  Everyone loves them and there are many comparisons being made with the Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters, as well as every other lipstick/balm hybrid.  I picked up two colors, Pin-Up Peach and Rose of Attraction.

Maybelline says: "Pure color pigments suspended in a weightless gel.  No heavy waxes or oils.  Soft, sexy gel-color."

Maybelline Color Whispers in Pin-Up Peach and Rose of Attraction (without flash)

(with flash)

Pin-Up Peach is a medium pink coral.  Rose of Attraction is a slightly fuchsia medium pink.  (I think I suck at describing colors...) 

They are fairly close in color, but obviously Pin-Up Peach is warm-toned, and Rose of Attraction is cool.  These both have a tiny bit of shimmer, but it really reads as just glossiness.  They are somewhat sheer, but give vibrant color.  I think they have sort of a "jelly" look to them.  

no color

Pin-Up Peach

Rose of Attraction

They are definitely soft and smooth and have a balm-like feeling to them.  I think these are lighter feeling feeling on the lips than the Revlon lip butters, and I think less moisturizing.  I personally don't mind somewhat heavy-feeling lip products because it is easier to tell when to reapply color.  These will probably feel great in summer, though, when I don't need as much moisture on my lips.  

I think these are beautiful colors and they seem very versatile since they give some color without being overpowering.  

Very pretty!

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