Thursday, February 7, 2013

NYX Mega Shine Lip Glosses

Some simple swatches of NYX Mega Shine Lip Glosses.

                        From Left:  Sweetheart, Nude Peach, Salsa, French Kiss, Perfect

                                                            Sweetheart, Nude Peach

                                                        Nude Peach, Salsa, French Kiss

                                                             Salsa, French Kiss, Perfect

                 From left:  Perfect, French Kiss, Salsa, Nude Peach, Sweetheart

NYX says:  "Our signature Mega Shine Lip Gloss delivers shine, moisture and softness and envelops lips with glistening color. The finish is both creamy and steamy and ensures knockout glamour. A blend of mineral and lanolin oils helps protect the pout. "

Perfect is the sheerest of the bunch and has very little color with fine gold glitter.  French Kiss, Salsa, Nude Peach, and Sweetheart all have a liquid lipstick kind of feel and look with much more color and opaque coverage.  They are only slightly sticky and feel hydrating on the lips.  They also have a sweet cherry scent that reminds me a little of a cough drop but without the taste!  Nude Peach looks almost neon in the swatch but applies less so on the lips.  It gives a beautiful bright and light coral with a bit of pink.  It looks lovely with peach or coral blush, and it is one of my favorites!  Sweetheart is a great shimmery nude that pairs well with a smokey eye look.  Salsa is a cool baby pink, and French Kiss is a warm rose with lots of shimmer.

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