Friday, February 15, 2013

Benefit Speed Brow

Brows are important.  They are often overlooked, but they frame the eyes and face and make you look polished and finished, even with a bare face.  However, sometimes when we are in a hurry we sort of forget about them.

One of the easiest ways to define and add a little color is with a tinted brow gel like Benefit's Speed Brow.  It is a lightly tinted brow gel that helps to define and set the brows using a small mascara wand spoolie.

It only comes in one color that seems to be neutral enough for most people. Furthermore, it doesn't deposit too much color, so on blonde brow hair it will add a little color, but work mostly as a brow gel for the rest of the hair color spectrum.  It also adds a nice bit of glossiness to the brow hairs.  It doesn't flake off, make the hairs crisp, or make the skin under the brows feel tight and like it is hard to make facial expressions.  It is a bit pricey ($16 for 0.1 ounce).

So for those of us who don't want to take the time (or don't have the time!) to fill in brows with a powder or pencil but still want a little color, definition, and glossiness to our brows, it seems like a great option!

Have you ever tried Speed Brow or have a different favorite brow gel?

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