Thursday, March 5, 2015

Recent Lip Liner Aquisitions

I've been on a lip liner kick lately.  I think it's because I've been watching a ton of youtube makeup tutorial videos lately, and in almost every one, a lip liner/pencil is used.  I only owned 5 lip liners just a few months ago (I got rid of several ancient ones during a recent major makeup cleanout), and I seem to have added a few to my collection fairly recently.

From Rimmel, I picked up two Exaggerate Full Color Lip Liners: East End Snob and Addiction.  The Exaggerate Full Color Lip Liners are retractable and do not require sharpening.  East End Snob is a light neutral pink, and Addiction is a medium cool brown.  They are decently creamy, although not as much as some others I've tried, and I think the swatches below show that a little.  East End Snob is a great go-with-everything shade (and I've heard it's a close dupe for Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk color-wise).

from left: Addiction, East End Snob

From NYX, I bought two Slim Lip Pencils in Nude Pink and Citrine, and one Retractable Lip Liner in Nude Pink.  One of the lip liners I already owned and like is the Slim Lip Pencil in Nectar, so I thought I would give a couple of other shades in the range a go.

NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Citrine is a pretty pearly light mauve pink.  NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Nude Pink is a slightly peachy nude.  The Slim Lip Pencils are not particularly creamy, but Citrine is softer than Nude Pink.  I'm okay with them being slightly stiff.  I think they sharpen more easily and stay sharper longer.

You can see I've used Citrine more than Nude Pink.

from left: Citrine, Nude Pink

NYX Retractable Full Color Lip Liner in Nude Pink is a deep neutral pink that is almost reddish with a hint of sparkle.  It is NOT the same shade as the Slim Lip Pencil in Nude Pink.  I really, really like this lip liner.  It is smooth and creamy, and applies beautifully.  The shade is dark enough to accentuate the shape of the lips when used truly as just a liner.

Nude Pink (the retractable one)

I bought the Clinique Quickliner for Lips in Sky Violet after binge watching Tarababyz videos.  She uses it quite frequently and raves about it, so I decided I had to have it.  It is a beautiful cool mauve pink color with a tiny bit of sparkle that goes with any cool-toned lipstick.  The formula is nice and creamy, and wears wonderfully.  One thing to note, though: even though this is a twist up pencil, you cannot twist it back down to retract it into the pencil, so once it's up, it's up.

Sky Violet

Lastly, I most recently bought the Laura Geller Pout Perfection Waterproof Lip Liner in Cabernet.  I swatched this in Ulta weeks ago and couldn't stop thinking about it, so I decided to splurge and  purchase it.  This is just as creamy as my Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil and it wears just as well.  The color is a beautiful pink with a hint of mauve and a tiny bit of shimmer.  Gorgeous.


Here they are all together:

from left: Rimmel Addiction and East End Snob Exaggerate Lip Liners; NYX Citrine and Nude Pink Slim Lip Pencils; NYX Nude Pink Retractable Lip Liner; Clinique Sky Violet Quickliner for Lips; Laura Geller Cabernet Pout Perfection Lip Liner

I've really been enjoying using these, and incorporate a lip liner into my makeup routine everyday now (I would only use them once in a while in the past).

I have to say, if you are looking for a new budget-friendly lip liner, try one of the NYX Retractable Lip Liners.  They come in 19 shades ranging from bubblegum pink to black.


  1. Nice additions! I've definitely been jumping back on the lip liner bandwagon too. Loving the look of those NYX liners! I don't own many at the moment, but MAC Subculture and Whirl have been my longtime faves :)

  2. I've been considering Soar (yeah, the whole Kylie Jenner fad is influencing me, and it will probably be over by the time I decide to actually buy Soar), Whirl, and Dervish. I owned Spice years and years ago, but didn't wear it much because it was slightly too brown that pulled a little orange on me.

  3. Love the liners! East end snob is one of my favorites! I love the NYX liners too!

  4. East End Snob looks good with every lipstick. I like it on it's own for a matte neutral lip, too. It's great!

  5. I really like the color of the Laura Gellar liner. I would want to wear that on its own. I use lip liner all the time because otherwise my lipstick turns into a crazy, feathering mess... I mostly just use clear liner though. It's like an invisible forcefield!

  6. I've worn the Laura Geller liner by itself several times. It's so pretty. I've never actually used a clear lip liner. I don't seem to have problems with lipstick feathering, but maybe that's because I chew it off so quickly it doesn't have time to.