Saturday, March 21, 2015

First Signs of Spring in the Garden

I have some exciting news!  It's spring, and I have the crocuses to prove it!

Did you notice the little white one over on the right?

There are other plants making their first appearances this year, too.

Tulips (Black Parrot and Fringed)

Orange Daylilies

I think these are Dwarf Irises.

Various Daylilies (different ones than the orange kind)


There are lots of leaves from last fall.  I leave them in the garden over the winter to provide a little insulation for the plants.  I'm going to clean them up as soon as the temperatures are consistently a bit warmer.

Oh!  I almost for got to give you an update on the venus fly traps in tissue culture!

Have you spotted anything waking up in your garden yet?


  1. After a winter like this one, signs like this are so beautiful and promising :)

  2. Grow, lil' ones, grow! :-D Here the snow only just melted so so far it's not looking very green yet.

  3. Ooh those venus flytraps are coming along! Right now I'm mostly just seeing mud around where I live, but I'm optimistic that will change soon.

  4. I actually did a happy dance in my front yard when I discovered the crocuses were blooming!

  5. I often find myself talking to my plants and encouraging them to grow. Totally normal, right?

    I feel like everything gets brown and muddy and dirty after the snow melts before it gets green and lush.

  6. I can't wait to see what the Garden looks like in a few months!

  7. Venus Fly Traps are notoriously slow growers, so if you start them from seed you have to be very patient. Starting them in tissue culture really speeds up the process, but it is a lot more work. Pitcher plants grow more quickly, so we didn't feel the need to put any of those in tissue culture, we're just going to divide what we have. We check our seeds just about every day, and they are definitely getting bigger each time we look at them. We no longer need a magnifying glass to see the new growth! I hope you'll give updates on your carnivorous plant adventures! I'm also floored and tickled that you found my blog looking for carnivorous plants! I hope my post on our collection was helpful. :)

  8. P.S. I've been meaning to ask, and I hope it's okay if I do, how are you and your little kitty doing?