Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mid/Late Fall Garden 2014

This is a continuation of yesterday's garden post.  It had been so long since I uploaded a garden post, that I needed to break it up into two parts!

Photos are chronological:

Mid September

I planted some new daylilies and bulbs.  I get very dirty when I garden.

These are daylilies "Nosferatu", "Barracuda Bay", and "Eleanor"

I love how the blooms change from white to dusty pink in the fall.

We acquired a new Venus Fly Trap.  Variety: "Angel Wings"  This is a rare fly trap that has traps that are so convex that they can't close -- the closed trap is a new baby trap that hasn't opened up yet.

Early October


This is the flower from the "Judith Hindle" pitcher plant.
"Judith Hindle" is the tall ruffly pitcher plant.

Sarracenia leucophylla

Sarracenia minor

Venus Fly Trap "Maroon Monster"

 The hydrangea blooms darkened and got very pink in October.

Late October

The leaves on the hydrangea bushes turned yellow while the blooms stayed pink.  I think the effect is stunning.

We bought a tropical pitcher plant (Nepenthes)!

I love the way a carpet of fallen leaves looks.

I guess I didn't take too many late October garden pictures.

Early November

The hydrangeas are done, but I think the blooms still look cool, even though they are brown.


I think the hosta are pretty when they turn yellow.

Japanese Maple

We took all of the carnivorous plants in now that it is getting quite cold at night.

Whew!  That's a lot of changes in the garden!  Thank you for taking both yesterday's and today's garden tours with me!


  1. Once again--Beautiful! You give me so much inspiration.

  2. Bye-bye, hydrangeas! The color of the Japanese Maple's leaves is so pretty. Could stare at it for hours.

  3. I think the red of the Japanese Maple is a wonderful contrast to the browns and yellows of the leaves on the ground.