Monday, November 10, 2014

Late Summer/Early Fall Garden 2014

I haven't done a garden update in ages.  The last one I posted was in August!  So naturally, lots has happened in the past couple of months.  Some late-blooming flowers bloomed, bulbs were planted, and carnivorous plants ate their fill before being taken inside for winter dormancy (we are putting them in the fruit cellar where it doesn't get warm, but doesn't get freezing for the winter).

Photos are chronological:

Late August 

I wish I knew the variety, but it was in the garden when we bought our house, so I didn't choose it.

Sedum "Purple Emperor"

The bees love this one!

I don't know the variety -- these were extra divisions from the Women's Club garden (we live down the street from the Women's Garden).

Early September

Toad Lily "Gilt Edge"

Sedum "Autumn Joy"

Chelone (aka Turtlehead) "Hot Lips"

The Caladiums were still going strong at this point.

Here are more panoramic type photos of the garden:

I decided to break up this garden post into two parts because it was getting so long.  Stay tuned for part two (mid and late fall) tomorrow!


  1. I can't wait to see the next post. Your plants are absolutely gorgeous! I cannot WAIT to have a house so I can garden.

  2. Gardening is so satisfying. I created a garden in front of the house we lived in a few years ago, even though we were just renting. It does feel different when it is your own house, though. When I lived in an apartment, I just had a couple of containers/pots. That wasn't as exciting to me, but it was still nice to have live plants.