Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Birthday Face of the Day

It's my birthday today!  I am now 38 years old.  I still don't feel like a grown-up.

Surprisingly, I didn't do anything fancy with my eye makeup today.  Instead, I'm wearing some matte neutrals from the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette.  I did put on some nice pinks on my lips and cheeks that I thought looked nice with the fuchsia shirt I am wearing.

I look overly serious for my birthday.

On my eyes:
   from the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette
         --- Righteous (matte cream) all over the lid up to the brow
         --- Tyranny (matte tan) in the crease
         --- Furious (matte black) as liner on the upper lashes

   Mally Voluminous Mascara

On my cheeks:
    from the Tarte Pin Up blush palette
         --- Whimsy (matte cool pink)

On my lips:
    Sephora Lip Glitters Retractable Pencil in Pink (glittery cool pink)

from left: Urban Decay Righteous, Tyranny, Furious eyeshadows, Tarte Whimsy blush, Sephora Lip Glitters in Pink

Here's a pic to show the sparkle in the Sephora Lip Glitters lip crayon.  Pretty!

I'm not doing anything particularly interesting for my birthday.  I had a bagel with smoked salmon cream cheese for lunch, which was nice.

My husband and I celebrated my birthday on Sunday, and I will celebrate with my parents later in the month when they come to Detroit to go to the opera.

I decided to buy the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette after reading that it was pretty similar to the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette (which I don't own) and it went on sale.  It's quite a nice little palette!  I'm glad I jumped on the Tarte Pin-Up blush palette when I did instead of waiting for the Sephora 20% off sale.  It is now out of stock on the Sephora website, which I figured would happen. Hopefully they will restock it because it is a really great palette.

Google knows it's my birthday.  Cool or creepy?

Have a wonderful day, and thank you for visiting!


  1. Happy birthday! Bagels seem like a decent way to celebrate. The Google thing is both cool and creepy, and I've never seen it do that before ... I'm a leap year baby so maybe it wasn't sophisticated enough to know that I actually did turn a year older this year? Or maybe you're just special!

  2. Ohhh a leap year baby! How cool!
    I did hang out with Larry Page in high school (we were in the band together, and my brother was friends with him), so maybe that's how Google knows. Thank you for the birthday wishes!!

  3. Happy birthday girl!!! Love the look, as always.

    Has anyone ever told you that you remind them of Joan from Mad Men? You are absolutely stunning!

  4. Aww, Happy Birthday, Ingrid! Sounds like a lovely, relaxed day and the makeup is beautiful! The lipstick is perfect on you :)

  5. Thanks, Jaelan! And, whoa, what a compliment!! I've never watched Mad Men (I need to), but Christina Hendricks is gorgeous.

  6. Thank you, Jen! I do love my sparkly pink lips.

  7. Happy birthday! I love your makeup, and I seriously want to get my hands on that tarte blush palette!

  8. Thank you, Lauren! I hope you can get the blush palette. It's seriously great!