Thursday, July 31, 2014

Throwback Thursday with LORAC

Does anyone remember the LORAC Cheek Stamps (c. 2008)?

The packaging for these is rather neat, with the pressed powder blush housed in the bottom of the jar, and the lid screwing off to reveal a sponge that sits in the blush.

All you had to do to use them is to press or puff the sponge on the cheeks.  It's possible to apply too much blush this way, so sometimes blending with a brush was necessary.  You could also just use a brush to grab some of the blush from the bottom of the pot if you thought using a sponge was too yucky.

The blush is silky and quite pigmented.  There were maybe five shades available.

Pink Paradise is a cool, blue-based, matte pink.  Hibiscus is a warm pink with sparkle.

from left: Pink Paradise, Hibiscus

I really liked these and will still occasionally use them, although with a brush and not the sponge.

Cute and cool, right?

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