Sunday, December 15, 2013

Look of the Day Gemstone Series: Ruby

Ruby, which is July's birthstone, is the gemstone that inspired today's look.

Rubies are harder than all other gemstones, except for diamonds.  According to the American Gem Society, the most prized color is a "medium or medium dark vivid red." Rubies are quite rare, and if they have too much purple or orange in them, they are considered a fancy-color sapphire.

source: American Gem Society

Eyes: Maybelline Full 'N Soft Mascara

Cheeks: NARS Laguna bronzer

Lips: Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick in Black Wine (discontinued)
           Estee Lauder Artist Lip Pencil in Apple Cordial (discontinued)

NARS Laguna bronzer, Estee Lauder Black Wine lipstick, Estee Lauder Apple Cordial lipliner

I really wanted to focus on the lips, so I only used a thin coat of mascara on my eyes, and a little bronzer to warm up my skin.  Quite a simple look, but lots of drama!

I'm wearing OPI Peru Ruby on my nails.

Thank you for checking out my ruby inspired look!

Have a beautiful day!


  1. Have been enjoying your gemstone series. That shade of lipstick is lovely on you! xo