Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Styling Your Face the 1981 Way

Look at this cool book my sister gave me!

This is a rather interesting book from 1981 by makeup artist Way Bandy.  Way Bandy was a well-known makeup artist during the '70s and '80's who worked with high-end fashion designers and celebrities.  He was well known for using lots of fluid/liquid products to create a seamless, skin-like finish.  Harper's Bazaar called him a "makeup magician", and People said he was the "world's leading makeup artist."  Styling Your Face was Bandy's second book.  His first book, Designing Your Face, was released in 1977.

I think one of the most interesting aspects of the book is the fact that there are no photographs.  All of the pictures are drawings.

Even the product descriptions use drawings.

I found a couple of the writings also kind of amusing:

First, the Chinoiserie Face explains how to get the brows in the look, but with a disclaimer.

The Teenage Face has a whole blurb about skincare to go along with the makeup look.

I'm not sure many dermatologists would agree with the skincare regimen laid out here.  Yogurt/sour cream, cornmeal, lemon juice?  Sounds like a recipe for skin problems.

Something else I found cool was the inclusion of makeup for men.

There are a total of 15 looks in the book.  I'm not going to show you them all, because this post would get awfully long, but here are three more.

I actually really love many of the looks in this book.  Does that mean I like dated makeup?  Maybe.

You kind find lots of informational and interesting articles on Way Bandy if you simply google him.


  1. This book is a lot of fun! The eyebrows tho...EEK. I wouldn't recommend anyone on this planet to pluck their eyebrows into "tufts" lol

  2. I know! I was pretty shocked by that.

  3. This is really interesting, and I guess I like dated looks too, hah! I would NOT advise tweezing your eyebrows mostly off though. Forget growing back weird... at a certain point they can actually stop growing back completely. I remember my dad's girlfriend (who's in her 60s) telling me once that she can always tell when women are of her generation because of how their eyebrows are shaped - after years of plucking they stayed that way!

  4. Yeah, I read that somewhere. It makes me consider not tweezing my brows.

    My favorite look is the "Late Day Face". So awesome.

  5. She has purple eyeshadow so I'm not surprised! :)

  6. Oh my gosh, the tuft-brows is terrifying! I really hope no one actually did that. I started wearing makeup right around this year -- 1981. I hope not too many of my techniques are left over from that era. :D

  7. My mom is 67 and has a perpetually surprised look on her face all the time because of the way she plucked her brows in the 1960s. She plucked them too thin and too high, and they stayed that way. :/

  8. Oh, this is fabulous! What a great find! Love the retro styling (many of these looks I'd still like to play with), but the skin care tips and stunted brows, eek! Loving that debonair mustache too :)

  9. I think cosmetics formulas have definitely changed since the early '80s, so techniques and ideas are probably different just because the products are so different. I wonder if some of his techniques using creams and liquids to contour and such are kind of coming back, though.

  10. I may try to recreate some of these looks, but probably not using all of his techniques and recommendations for products.