Thursday, July 3, 2014

Throwback Thursday with RareMinerals

Before BareMinerals had a proper skincare line, they had "RareMinerals."

RareMinerals Skin Revival Treatment was a nighttime treatment for the skin that was meant to be used over all the rest of your skincare.  The weird part?  It's a powder.  It's packaged in a jar with a powder puff on top, and it came in four colors (clear, light, medium, and tan).

I think this was introduced in 2006, and it was discontinued in 2011.  One of the selling points of this "treatment" was that it was made from "Jurassic, virgin soil."  I remember this because RareMinerals was introduced to the market when I was working at Sephora, and we sold it.  In fact, we couldn't keep it in stock the first few months it was out.

This product was marketed to be a nighttime skin treatment, but also a nighttime makeup.  It was marketed for the person who wants to shrink their pores, even out their skintone, and improve their skin; or for the person who was uncomfortable with their significant other seeing their completely bare skin, and wants something to wear to bed; or for the person who is always in a hurry (or running late) in the morning and wants to be able to roll out of bed and have a little coverage on their skin; or for the person who thinks their BareMinerals is "so natural, you can sleep in it."

swatch of Clear

The RareMinerals Skin Revival Treatment was really nothing but a mineral powder.  It seemed gimmicky to me, and seeing how it was discontinued after only 5 years, maybe so did everyone else.  I didn't think it was really a great idea to wear a powder to bed, but I had to try it, of course.  All it did for my skin was dry it out.

Convenient mirror on the top of the lid

I do think this was a pretty unique product.

Do you remember RareMinerals?  Did you ever try it?


  1. I vaguely remember this but never tried it. Its weird that they say you can wear this to bed because every beauty lover knows its a BIG nono to wear makeup to bed!

  2. Mmm. Virgin soil. My favorite kind. I'm also curious as to what that means.

    Also. I feel like this design is coming back. A lot of the Korean sunscreen powders I use have the same little case with the puff attached to the lid.

  3. I thought it was kind of shocking that any company would purposely create a makeup product to sleep in. I used the one I got as gratis a few times, just to try it, but I never thought it was a good thing.

  4. What makes soil virgin, anyway? It's from the Jurassic period, too? So, is it old, clean dirt? Whatever. :)