Friday, January 10, 2014

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Color in Blow Bubbles Review and Swatches

Sally Hansen recently (autumn 2013) added a new line of polishes to their line-up with a new formula that is "designed to help polish withstand the wear and tear of everyday living for non-stop shine." (from the Sally Hansen website)

Other statements from the Sally Hansen website about the Triple Shine formula:
  • -Gloss is protected with the Ultimate Shield Complex
  • -Daily defense from water and wear
  • -Natural crushed pearl delivers high impact, glossy color
  • -Creates non-stop shine
  • -Available in 29 shades
I have Blow Bubbles to show you today.

The black cap pulls off to reveal a standard screw-off top.

The brush is flat with firm bristles, and it's slightly rounded at the tip.

Blow Bubbles is an iridescent bubblegum pink with a tiny bit of blue shift.

I actually had a difficult time capturing the color accurately, so use these swatches aren't as helpful as they should be, I suppose.  The photos make it look much more cool-toned than it is in person.  I think the camera just can't read the iridescence the way human eyes can.  (I don't tone my photos either.  I actually tried to with these, and I still couldn't get the color to match what I was seeing with my own eyeballs.)

natural light:

daylight bulb:


This color is on the sheer side, so one coat just gives a hint of color, and three gives full color.

one coat

three coats

The formula is easy to work with and spreads nicely.  It dries quite quickly, as long as you apply thin coats.  The finish is very shiny, so top coat is optional in my opinion.  It lasts for at least 4 days on me without chipping (I usually change my nail color every 4-5 days anyway), and remains quite shiny.

Sally Hansen polishes are 5 Free (don't contain Formaldehyde, Toluene, DPB, Formaldehyde resin, Camphor).  Triple Shine Nail Color retails for around $5 USD.


  1. I really like this line of polishes-- Wavy Blue is my favorite and it's the most gorgeous blue polish you'll ever see!

  2. That actually looks really nice. I wonder if putting on a topcoat would make it less shiny though. Because I feel kind of naked without my Seche Vite topcoat.

    1. I think a top coat would be fine with the polish -- you just don't need one (which is nice for people who are too lazy to always put one on). They actually sell a top coat in this formula.