Thursday, January 23, 2014

Another EotD With Urban Decay Naked 3

The Urban Decay Naked 3 eyeshadow palette is so pretty.  However, all of the colors are kind of similar in undertone, so the range of looks that can be created is a little limited color-wise, if that makes sense.  I do think there are enough different textures and dark versus light shades to make it a beautiful, flattering, and versatile palette.  Plus, the quality of the shadows is rather amazing.  I've never been fond of matte colors, usually because I find them hard to work with, but these are so blendable and perfectly pigmented that I enjoy using them.


I didn't notice the mascara smudgies until after I uploaded and cropped the photo.

natural light

From the Naked 3 palette:  

         Limit in the crease and up above the crease slightly

         Nooner in the crease

         Buzz on the moving lid and lower lashline

         Strange under the brow and in the inner corner

From the Naked palette:  
         Toasted in the outer corner

Liner (lower waterline): Milani Liquif'Eye pencil in Brown
Mascara: Maybelline Full 'N Soft in Black

from left: Limit, Nooner, Buzz, Strange, Toasted, Milani brown eyeliner

The lashes on my left eye are driving me crazy.  I don't know if I'm sleeping on them weird or what, but they seem more curly (I don't curl my lashes, they are naturally that way) and clumpy than usual (even with my favorite Maybelline Full 'N soft mascara).  The lashes on my right eye are fine.  Whatever.  Have a fantastic day!


  1. Gosh, the shades in Naked 3 bring out your eyes so nicely! And your lashes are looking amazing, as always :)


  2. I can not wait to get the Naked 3 Palette! It is on top of my wish list.....LOL! Your eye look is beautiful! We actually have same green eye color. I would be so honored if you and any of your viewers would check out my new blog here on Bloglovin or at Thanks in advance!

    1. The Naked 3 palette is great! I'm actually already following your blog, and I hope some of my readers check it out! :)