Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mermaid EotD

It's been cold and snowy and absurdly wintery weather-wise here in Detroit.  I decided I needed to wear some some mermaid-y colors on my eyes yesterday to make the day feel less miserably cold.  The Ariel palette from Sephora worked its magic.

Blue Lagoon -- inner half of lid

Caspian Sea -- outer half of lid and lower lashline

Jetsam -- outer v

Les Poissons -- crease

from left: Blue Lagoon, Caspian Sea, Jetsam, Les Poissons
daylight bulb

Sonia Kashuk Gel Liner in Ebony -- upper and lower lashline

Fresh Supernova Mascara

I keep my Ariel palette in its gorgeous box.

The temperature got down to -14°F in Detroit.  Windchill temperature was around -40°F.  My husband went outside to take some pics of the snow with his phone, and it actually quit working because it was so cold (low temps can effect batteries).


  1. Ooh, such a pretty look! I'm a sucker for the Little Mermaid and was super tempted to get this palette. Love the combo of teal and neutrals here :)


    1. Thank you, Jen! I love The Little Mermaid (even though they Disney-fied the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale).

  2. really really wanted to get this and the mirror that came with the series but it was too expensive in ebay :( and we dont have sephora here so its a difficult product to get PS: pretty eyes the eyeshadow colors compliments your eye color

    1. Thank you for the compliment! I'm sorry you can't get stuff from Sephora except through ebay. That's pretty crummy!