Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Recent Favorites: Non-Beauty Edition

I thought I'd do something different and write a non-beauty related favorites post.

Ariel and Tigers mugs and hot chocolate -- I'm not a huge tea person, and I don't drink hot coffee, but I love hot chocolate.  I'm not picky about the brand or anything either.  Both of the mugs were gifts from my parents.

Cuddleduds leggings -- I believe I have 3 pairs of these.  I think there are supposed to be long johns that are worn under pants, but I wear them as leggings.  They are so soft and supple.  I bought them at Kohl's.

Game of Thrones books -- I'm reading these for the second time.  I decided to re-read them in preparation for the fifth book coming out on paperback so I could remember everything that has happened thus far.

That's a catnip toy in the upper right hand corner!
Cable knit cardigan sweater from Target-- I like the shawl-collar and cable knit, and it's a soft cotton.  I kind of wish I had gotten one in grey as well...

MSU Sports -- Both the football team and the basketball team are playing well this year, which makes it extra fun to watch them.

What are your recent favorite things?


  1. I have a pair of thermal leggings from American Apparel... they don't fit me right at all but they're so soft and cozy, lol.

  2. That ariel cup is so cute! I love hot chocolate as well :)
    Cute sweater!


    1. It's been perfect hot chocolate weather here in Michigan!