Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday Decor

I do decorate my house a little for Christmas.

This tabletop fiberoptic tree is the only tree I put up every year.
We have a light-up fireplace insert (We've not had the chimney swept, so we have never had a real fire in the fireplace.  Besides, fire sort of scares me.  I don't like burning candles either.)
Because I don't put up a traditional looking tree, I like lit garlands.  They make the house feel cozy.
Kissing Ball (instead of mistletoe)
The candle was a gift from my husband's brother who lives in Denmark.  The wreath thingy surrounding the base of it came from my grandparents house.  The moose in the snow globe, which was a gift from my parents, is wearing a wreath.  The silver reindeer and berry tree are from Target.
This is a pre-lit garland that I wired some ornaments onto.
Would you expect anything other than a sparkly wreath on my front door?
The gargoyles are wearing their Santa hats!
A story about the fiberoptic tree:  The first Christmas my husband and I spent together (9 years ago!), my family was traveling in Europe.  I couldn't go with them because I was working in retail and of course couldn't take any time off around the holiday.  So, my husband (then boyfriend) and I spent Christmas at his house, just the two of us.  He's a guy, so he didn't have any holiday decorations, and I do like having something Christmas-y around on the actual day to make it feel more special than just a regular day.  So, I secretly brought over my little fiberoptic tree and surprised him when I whipped it out of the box and put it up.  We plugged it in and basked in its glow the rest of the day.  It's a story he still likes to tell (as in "hey remember our first Christmas together when you brought over that tree?") every time I pull it out of the box.

Do you decorate for the holidays?


  1. That tree is very pretty. And so much more low maintenance than a real one.

    My family does decorate for the holidays but we have to be very careful with putting ornaments on the tree because our cat likes to knock them all off. :)

    1. Ornaments do make perfect kitty toys--at least in their eyes!

  2. That's such a sweet story and I love the tree! My boyfriend and I are spending our fourth Christmas together this year and it's the first time we've bought a tree, but ours is of the $3 variety from Target so it's not exactly fancy. Also, LOL at the gargoyle hats. My dad actually has a big wooden dragon statue in his house and some years he's put a little plastic tophat on it for new year's eve. :P

    1. There's something about a $3 tree that's sort of Charlie Brown-esque. I never thought about putting New Year's hats on the gargoyles... I wish I had a dragon statue. I was born in the Chinese year of the dragon, so I'm big fans of them.

  3. Aww, fun decorations! Loving the lights and the Santa gargoyle is adorable :)