Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pinky Plum Eye of the Day With Darling Girl Cosmetics

This is Darling Girl Cosmetics shadows in Tragic Romance all over the moving lid with a little on on the lower lash line and Bronze Dawn in the crease.

With flash:

With daylight bulb:

And the obligatory photos to show the sparkle:

from left: Tragic Romance, Bronze Dawn

I love Tragic Romance.

Have a gorgeous day!


  1. So very pretty. This will have to go on my never-ending list of indie shadows to try. I actually got a few from DG recently (including one you swatched recently - I think it was Leviathan if my brain isn't broken?)

  2. I'm so impressed by all the Darling Girl shadows I have. And, yes, Leviathan is one that I have that I swatched, so your brain is definitely not broken.

  3. Such a beautiful, unique shade! Really makes your eyes pop :)



    1. Thanks Jen! I think it's on of those shades that looks prettiest all on its own.