Sunday, November 17, 2013

November Garden

Just a couple things are still blooming.

The Hydrangeas blooms have turned a deep pink color.  I don't remember them doing this last year.

Toad Lily

Some of the Hosta have turned a beautiful golden yellow.

The Japanese Maple has turned a burgundy color.

I like the way a carpet of colorful leaves looks.

Look at the colors in this leaf!

We put spiderwebs on our gargoyles for Halloween.

I need to start doing the winter prep thing now.


  1. Wow, so pretty! Interesting that the hydrangea blooms changed color... I don't know much about hydrangeas but maybe they behave differently as the plant matures? Or something.

  2. That seems possible. I know that for some hydrangea varieties the color of the blooms change depend on how alkaline or acidic the soil is, but we've never amended the soil. Maybe the soil is changing on its own as I plant bulbs under them.

  3. Some varieties of hydrangea respond to acidic soil with blue flowers. What color were they before they turned pink?