Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Chicago Trip

I went to Chicago over the weekend with my parents and younger sister to see Richard Wagner's Parsifal performed by the Lyric Opera of Chicago, as well as for a belated birthday celebration.

The opera was amazing.  I mean goose-bump and tear-inducingly beautiful.

We arrived friday night for dinner, shopped on saturday morning/early afternoon, and went to the opera in the late afternoon (it started at 5pm and ran until after 11pm).  On sunday, we wandered around Chicago a little.

Friday night dinner of salmon and lentils.

My sister is a much happier person in the morning once she's had some coffee.

The Marshall Fields (now Macy's) holiday windows featured the history of the holidays at Marshall Fields.  This on shows the clock being set with the holiday decorations hanging around it.

And here it is for real!
We, of course, went to Sephora where my mom bought be some birthday presents.
We listened to a short lecture about before the opera.

The Chicago Opera House is beautiful.

My sister and mom all dressed up.
Me and my sister.

The art on the wall in our hotel room was a photo of an x-ray of a violin.

On Sunday, we saw the world's largest Tiffany Dome which is in the Chicago Cultural Center (previously the Chicago Public Library).
Great photo of my dad (and me) at breakfast!

We had a wonderful time!


  1. You all look so stunning! I love Chicago, my family is from there and visiting is always a blast. Always gotta have pizza, but that salmon looks pretty good, too!

    1. Had we gone to a restaurant that offered Chicago-style pizza I would have ordered it!

  2. Hooray, it looks like you had so much fun! I lived in Chicago for a few years, but somehow never managed to go to the opera house... it's stunning!

    1. Other favorite Chicago things: the art museum and the aquarium. We didn't have time to see them this time though.