Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Darling Girl Eyeshadow Swatching Fun

Darling Girl is a small indie makeup company from Houston, Texas created by a woman named Susan.  I'd seen some swatches of colors from Darling Girl by Phyrra (phyrra.net), but I wasn't until I'd read some of Kadie Lee's raves about the company over at makeupisrad.blogspot.com that decided I had to try some of the shadows.

The Darling Girl site is quite nice.  It is easy to navigate, and there are swatches and descriptions of all the shadows.  Plus, some of the pictures of the eyeshadows remind me of little scoops of colorful ice cream!

All of the shadows I ordered are loose powders.  Also offered are blushes, highlighters, bronzers, glitter, and cream shadows.

You can buy samples (that come in 2 x 2 baggies), petit jars, or full size jars.  I like that there are all three options.  I ordered some samples of various colors to try out.

The first five (descriptions taken from darlinggirlcosmetics.com):
   Moondust Diamond Dust -- silvery taupe with tons of "diamond dust"
   Here's Johnny -- blackened red with color shifting sparkle
   Barbarella -- metallic melon-y gold with a red/orange flash
   Leviathan -- rich teal with strong green flash
   Sushi Flower Diamond Dust -- (no longer on the website) purple with "diamond dust"

Swatches dry:
from left: Moondust Diamond Dust, Here's Johnny, Barbarella, Leviathan, Sushi Flower Diamond Dust
Swatches over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy:
from left: Moondust Diamond Dust, Here's Johnny, Barbarella, Leviathan, Sushi Flower Diamond Dust
The next six colors:
   Sunset Strip -- warm coral pink with golden sheen
   Camp Blood -- steely grey pearl loaded with color shifting red shimmer
   Creature From The Black Lagoon -- murky blackened aqua with golden sparks
   Bio-Exorcist -- black base loaded with gold and blue shimmer
   Seven Days Later -- antique silver with soft turquoise to pinky violet flash and a light
                 dusting of royal blue sparkle
   Coral Kiss (free sample) -- (I couldn't find this on the website)

Swatches dry:
from left: Sunset Strip, Camp Blood, Creature From The Black Lagoon, Bio-Exorcist, Seven Days Later, Coral Kiss

Swatches over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy:
from left: Sunset Strip, Camp Blood, Creature From The Black Lagoon, Bio-exorcist, Seven Days Later, Coral Kiss

The necessary blurry photos to show the sparkle.

All photos were taken with a daylight bulb as the light source.

I am very happy with the shadows I tried.  They are all beautiful and not like anything I already have in my stash.  If sparkly shadows isn't your thing, Darling Girl also offers some matte colors.  I'm impressed by the website, and the fact that a thank you note is written on the receipt.

The turn around time is stated on the home page and is currently 14-16 business days.  Everything is hand-blended, and Susan says on the home page "I am the only sparkle fairy filling orders. I get them to you as quick as possible, I promise!"

You can find Darling Girl Cosmetics at darlinggirlcosmetics.com (not an affiliate link).

I did a look with Seven Days Later, Bio-Exorcist, and Camp Blood here.

P.S. I will have more Darling Girl eyeshadows and looks to show you soon...


  1. Wow, these are just gorgeous! I'm so bad at pigments though, I'm clumsy and they end up all over my face!

    1. I do tend to end up with a sparkly face after I apply these, but I keep a face wipe handy and do my complexion stuff last.

  2. Darling Girl is on my list of indie companies to try... these colors are beautiful! Leviathan and Sushi Flower are calling my name in particular. Too bad the 2nd one is no longer on the site.

    1. I wanted to order a full size of Sushi Flower. Maybe it will come back.