Monday, November 25, 2013

Milani Marbelized Baked Eyeshadow in Must Have Fuchsia Swatches and Review

I was on a pink eyeshadow kick last year and wanted a hot pink shadow to wear with light pink and gold shadows.  Milani was really the only brand I saw at the drugstore at the time with a hot pink shadow, so I thought I give it a try.

I don't have a lot of experience with baked eyeshadows, but I know they apply sheer when used dry, and more intensely when used wet.  It even says so on the back of this shadow.

Like most marbelized/baked powder products, this looks very pretty in the pan.  It also comes with a curved applicator with a brush on one end and a sponge-tip applicator on the other end.

Must Have Fuchsia is a bright pink with a little light purple shimmer.

from left: swatched dry, swatched wet (daylight bulb)

from left: swatched dry, swatched wet (flash)

This gives a soft wash of color when used dry.  It is definitely sheer.  When used wet, it applies patchy and it's hard to build up the color.  I also see creasing and fading at about the 4 hour mark even with a primer.

Milani is one of my favorite drugstore brands, but this was a miss for me.  I can't get it to apply nicely when wet, and it's too sheer for my liking when I use it dry.  It does look pretty when used as a transition color (going from a dark color to a light color), but I admit, I hardly ever use this. 

The Milani Baked Marbelized Eyeshadow comes in 9 shades and retails for around $7 USD.


  1. It's too bad this didn't work out for you! I have another Milani shadow in a purplish color (can't remember the shade name) and I really like it, but it is on the sheerer side.

    1. I would guess that there are better Milani colors than this one. The brand as a whole is usually so reliably good!