Tuesday, February 24, 2015

China Glaze Sex on the Beach and Some Hearts

I have found a beautiful nail polish color.  It's China Glaze Sex on the Beach.  It's a rosy pink with some gold shimmer and very very tiny silver sparkles.

I have been wearing this nail color for weeks.  I used it for my Valentine's Day manicure, but added some little hearts from the Nicole by OPI polish in Love Your Life on my ring finger.

I was going to put the hearts on all of my fingers, but they were such a pain to get out of the bottle that I decided to just do the accent nail thing.  And, like all other polishes with large particles of glitter (I consider the hearts to be kind of like glitter), this was a chore to remove.

Those hearts look so pretty in the bottle, but, ugh, the fishing!

This is definitely a new favorite polish.

Just a little bit of sparkle.

Whatcha got on your nails?


  1. Those hearts are so cute - but I agree with those little accents are suspending in polish, they can be a pain to apply. I keep meaning to try the confetti and glitter that is sold separate (i.e. not actually inside of a nail polish) and see how that works. :-)

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  2. Ohhh, I bet the separate glitters are easier to apply. I should look into those.

  3. That is really a gorgeous color! I love shades like this--rose, with a hint of gold.

  4. They are the kind of shade that looks good and appropriate year-round, as well as flattering on everyone.