Thursday, April 10, 2014

bareMinerals "The Dream Sequence" Swatches and EotD

So, bareMinerals used to only sell loose powder products.  A few years ago, they branched out into skincare, then added pressed eyeshadows and blushes.  Now they have a liquid foundation.  So much for the "only powder for the skin because it has no binders and no pore-clogging ingredients!"  I don't mean to rip on the brand, but they were awfully fervent about their powders.  In any case, they do make some good stuff.  Case in point: their pressed "READY" eyeshadows.

Pardon the grubby packaging.  I've had this for at least 2 years.

The Dream Sequence is one of their "READY Eyeshadow 4.0" eyeshadow quads.  It contains a satin cream called 500 Thread Count, a purple-y taupe called Romp, a purple with blue duochrome quality called Bourdoir, and a dusty dark purple called Nightcap.  The names are fun, aren't they?

With the exception of the cream color, which is a little sheer (which I find acceptable because I really only use it as a highlight color), the shadows are soft and well pigmented.

from left: 500 Thread Count, Romp, Boudoir, Nightcap

Here is the eye of the day I created using the quad.

I used:
   Romp (shimmery purple taupe) on the moving lid
   a mix of Boudoir (bright purple) and Nightcap (dark purple) in the crease
   Nightcap on the outer third of the lower lashline
   500 Thread Count (satin cream) under the brow and in the inner corner
   Maybelline Full 'N Soft Mascara (one coat)

This is a really pretty set of eyeshadows, and I'm impressed by the quality.  The bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow 4.0 quads are $30 USD.


  1. These colors are gorgeous! Nice look! (:

  2. Wow, sassy shade names! Romp and Boudoir are BEAUTIFUL. Would wear, A+++

  3. The names seem risque for a brand that is super popular on QVC. :P

  4. gorgeous, gorgeous colors! I just bought a duo from them and was pleasantly surprised by the quality!

  5. Isn't it nice when something truly exceeds expectations?