Wednesday, April 16, 2014

2014 Early Spring Garden

Time for a garden post!  I now have lots of things coming up, and even a few are blooming.

Dwarf Iris (My neighbor said they didn't even look real!)

Crocus (No purples yet for some reason)



Allium (When these started coming up I was totally baffled as to what they were.  My husband had to remind me we planted alliums next to the yellow and red tulips last fall.)

Black Parrot Tulip

Scilla (We didn't plant these.  They are naturally growing in our back yard as wildflowers.)

I love the shapes of the emerging plants.

And then it snowed the day after I took those photos.

Snow on the Boxwoods...

On the Crocuses...

And on the Hellebore buds...

It looks like everything survived the snow and overnight mid 20 degree temps.

I can't wait for more flowers!


  1. Beautiful! I wish I had a green thumb!

  2. I'm terrible with house plants. I've been known to under water cactuses.

  3. I so wish I had your green thumb or gardening skills. Those plants are beautiful. Here in East Texas where I live, if the cutter ants, drought or heat doesn't kill them then the gophers does. I have also been known to kill cactuses....LOL! I gave up on trying to grow inside or outside plants. It is kind of like if I touch the plant, it is like a death wish upon that plant. I was tempted to try to grow an inside little herb garden this year but I am scared for the plants if I do.....LOL!

  4. Ohh garden pests drive me crazy. We get slugs eating our hostas every year, but we manage to drown plenty of them in some cheap beer.

  5. So beautiful! But grr, go away snow! Leave the nice flowers alone. I agree with your neighbor... those irises look like they emerged from a painting or something.

  6. Snow. In mid-April. Fantastic. The dwarf irises are about 6 inches tall, so they're kind of ridiculously adorable.