Friday, July 10, 2015

Let This Blue Shadow Take Center Stage

Hey hey, everybody!  I hope all is well with you guys!  I've been a little bit stressed the past week or so, because one of my Mom and Dad's cats escaped from their house and has been missing since July 2.  :(  She's strictly an indoor cat, so we're pretty worried about her.  She needs to come home, like, yesterday.  They've been doing everything the experts suggest (flyers, posters, a front yard sign, humane traps around the house and neighborhood, etc.), and the ASPCA say that 70-75% of missing kitties are reunited with their families, so I have lots of hope that she will be home soon.  I know there are some people who would say "it's just a cat," but our cats are family members and very important to us.  We love them so much!

Anyhow, I'm really enjoying my Makeup Geek eyeshadows.  So much so that I ordered a bunch more.  A bunch.  Yeah.  (I believe they are going to arrive tomorrow.)  I, of course, had to do a smoky eye with the dark blue shade called "Center Stage," which is one of the foiled eyeshadows offered by Makeup Geek.

The foiled eyeshadow are described as having "intense pigmentation & an opaque, foiled finish in just one swipe."  Foiled meaning super shimmery and almost metallic.

I think the closeup eye photos show the shimmeriness (not a word, I know, but I think it gets the point across) better.

Pretty intense, right?

I did have to use a couple of Elizabeth Arden shadows as blending shadows, because I don't (yet) have any Makeup Geek eyeshadows light enough for under the brow.

Eyes:  Makeup Geek Center Stage Foiled Eyeshadow (metallic blue) on the lid and lower lash line
           Makeup Geek Crème Brulee Eyeshadow (matte tan) in the crease
           Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Eyeshadow in Sandstone (matte cream) above the crease
           Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Eyeshadow in Bone (matte ivory) under the brow
           NYX Slide-On Eyeliner in Sunrise Blue on the lower waterline
           L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara

from left: Elizabeth Arden Bone and Sandstone, Makeup Geek Crème Brulee and Centerstage

Cheeks:  Sephora Sun Disk

Lips: Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheal Lip Liner in Pillow Talk
          NARS Audacious Lipstick in Brigitte

from left: Sephora Sun Disk, Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lip liner, NARS Brigitte lipstick

Did you notice my super awesome Detroit Tigers earrings?

I expect little Rani will come home very soon.


  1. Ooh, that metallic finish is totally mesmerizing! So gorgeous. You're tempting me with Brigitte as well- and kitty is so cute :)

  2. I truly hope your Mom and Dads cats return home soon. I'll be sending positive vibes your way. And of course, beautiful look. You really make me want these foiled shadows!

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  3. Aw, Rani's beautiful and I hope the little baby comes home soon! Keep us posted, Ingrid! I'll be crossing my fingers and thinking positive thoughts.
    The blue eyeshadow looks is stunning. WOW!

  4. I hope Rani makes it home! I'm so sorry she's missing. That is a beautiful blue eyeshadow. I've been wanting to order some MG shadows, but I have such a long list of items I want. Basically, I want everything.

  5. The look is beautiful!

    But I'm so, so sorry to hear about the kitties. I'd be so terrified and feel really helpless. I really hope Rani comes back soon!

  6. Aw, I am sorry to hear about the missing kitty! That is terrible, I hope they find her!

  7. Thanks, Jen! Brigitte is a perfect summer color, and I love the formula! Totally worth it.

  8. My parents' kitty is home! I think your positive vibes helped, so thank you, Kimmy! The foiled shadows are pretty incredible.

  9. Little Rani came home! Thank you your positive thoughts, Kristen!
    The blue shadow is really wonderfully vibrant!

  10. Rani is home!
    I have added a bunch more Makeup Geek shadows to my palette, and there are a few more I want. Once you start collecting them, it's hard to stop, it seems.

  11. Thank you, Chelle!
    Rani made it home! My parents were having a really tough time, and I was, too. We were so worried, but after reading that 70% or more of kitties come home, I knew she would make it back.

  12. Rani made it home! We are so relieved and happy. My parents were scared and really missing her. I think she is happy to be home.