Sunday, March 9, 2014

Technical Update

I have switched over to Disqus for comments because it's easier for you guys to tell when I have replied to your comments (I hope that's true anyway).

Unfortunately, I think Disqus was messed up last night, and I thought it was my fault and that I installed and imported it wrong, so I re-installed it and I think I lost the comments from friday's post.

I had put off switching to a comment system that wasn't part of the built-in system from Blogger because of my fear of something like this happening (plus, I'm not good with change).  It seems to have kept my old comments, probably because they were actually on Blogger and not just Disqus.

Anyhow, to anyone who commented on friday's Purple and Orange EotD post, thank you!!!  I'm not sure I got to respond to all the comments, so if you left one and I didn't respond, I'm really sorry.  I make an effort to write back to any and all comments, and I appreciate them all so much!

Here's a picture of Emma reading a gothic romance comic from the 1970s to make your day!

Thank you for your understanding!


  1. Hi Emma! I like Disqus a lot better for exactly that reason, and I'd say you made out pretty well if you only lost a few comments.

  2. I'm still having problems with it... Grrr.