Thursday, March 13, 2014

Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm in Lilac Love Swatches and Review

It seems like Almay doesn't generally get too much attention or love for some reason.  Maybe they've had sort of average/boring products for too long.  I think they are really stepping up they're game recently, though.  I don't think they offered any lip products for a few years (correct me if I'm wrong), but last year they introduced a liquid lip balm.  I've been on the radiant orchid kick, and I had been wanting try one of these "balms" for a while because I'd heard good things about them.  I decided to try the color Lilac Love, which seems like a color that fits with the whole orchid color theme that Pantone decided would be the "color of the year".

The applicator on the wand is a standard slanted doe-foot tip.

It has pretty good pigmentation (although on the lips it has less pigment than the swatches), feels like a medium-weight gloss (not too thin, not too heavy), not at all sticky, and quite hydrating.  It has a fairly strong vanilla scent that lingers slightly after application.

daylight bulb


natural light

one layer

two layers

Lilac Love has very very tiny blue glitters in it that aren't really apparent on the lips unless you are looking in a magnification mirror.

This "liquid lip balm" is, I think, just a more interesting name for a hydrating lip gloss.

I'm pretty impressed by this "liquid lip balm" and really like the color.

It matches Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure in Punch Drunk quite nicely.

Have you tried any of these liquid lip balms?


  1. Ooh, what a pretty shade! Reminds me of the "Radiant Orchid" colour of hte year :)

  2. I think Almay's branding is sort of sterile as compared to some of the other drugstore brands. Maybe that's another reason why they don't get as much love? But this gloss/liquid balm/whatever does look really nice.

  3. Sterile is a good word for it. They should put crystals and whatnot all over their stuff. That would work.

  4. Yeah, definitely some crystals. They should also put pyrotechnics around the display. That would get my attention for sure.