Friday, August 9, 2013

Carnivorous Plants In My Garden!

My husband and I just created a potted bog garden in an urn so we could add some exotic looking carnivorous plants to our garden.  We have venus fly traps and 4 kinds of pitcher plants so far.  We are planning to add a couple of sundews to the pot.

the pot of plants so far

venus fly traps in the front and red-veined pitcher plant in the middle

taller green-veined and plain green pitcher plants

close up of the tallest green pitcher plant
Pitcher plants and venus fly traps are native to the subtropical eastern seaboard of the US and can survive in Michigan outside in the summer, and can survive in the winter if they are protected somewhat from the cold (we plan to put the urn in our garage that stays fairly warm).

You don't have to feed carnivorous plants because the bugs are attracted to the scent the plants emit and they catch them on their own.  They eat insects because the boggy soil they live in is very nutrient poor.

Aren't these cool?

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