Monday, January 5, 2015

ColourPop Haul, Swatches, and Wee Review

Hi everyone!  I hope the new year is treating you well!  I thought we'd kick of a new year of blogging with a little haul.

I have jumped on the ColourPop bandwagon, and my package arrived in the mail a few days ago.  The box was so incredibly carefully packed.  Like every shadow was wrapped in foam and paper careful.  I was definitely impressed.  Unfortunately, I was too excited to open it to take a photo of how well they packed it, so you're just going to have to take my word for it.  It came in a cute ColourPop box, and with a handwritten note.  They also included a "tips and tricks" card.

ColourPop is a small (although quickly growing, I suspect) cosmetics company based in southern California.  It is a cruelty-free company, and specializes in shadows/pigments and lip liners and lipsticks.  All of their single products are $5 USD.  All of them.

Here is my stuff:

I bought the Super Shock single shadows in Cricket, So Quiche, and Krinkle, along with the holiday set called Never Naughty which contains four shadows in the colors Sugar Plum, Snow Flurry, Dasher, and Etiquette.

clockwise from top: Cricket, Krinkle, So Quiche

from left: So Quiche, Cricket, Krinkle

I think this photo shows the pinky purple sparkles in So Quiche better.  Cool, right?

Never Naughty set of four shadows

Clockwise from top left: Sugar Plum, Snow Flurry, Etiquette, Dasher

from left: Sugar Plum, Snow Flurry, Etiquette, Dasher

These have a squishy, fun texture that feels like a cream but finishes like a powder.  I love sticking my finger in them.  Also, a finger is a great way to apply these, but patting the shadow on the lid with a stiff brush works well.  They have a cooling sensation when applied, which is pretty neat.

Cricket, with a finger indentation

These don't seem to be as crease-free on me as other bloggers.  I tried them with Urban Decay Primer Potion, by themselves, and with NARS Smudge Proof Primer.  They performed best with the NARS primer.  On their own and with the Urban Decay primer, they creased on my after maybe 5 hours (keep in mind, budge-proof shadow like the Maybelline Color Tattoo shadows crease on me).  You may have totally different results, especially when it seems like no one else has a problem with creasing when using them.

They have a little bit of sparkle fall out, so I prefer to apply them before my base products (like foundation, tinted moisturizer, or concealer) so I can clean up any glitter on my cheeks with a makeup remover wipe.

My favorite color is probably Krinkle.  I have actually been considering buying a backup.


Here I used Krinkle on its own on the lid.  The camera did not pick up how twinkly this is on the lid.

Cricket is the sheerest of the bunch, and Dasher (the bright lilac shade) sheers out somewhat on the lid, although a couple layers of Dasher makes it more opaque.

With the exception of Sugar Plum, which is a white with pinky purple sheen, and Etiquette, which is a satin navy blue, all of these have sparkle.  ColourPop just added some matte shades to their lineup, so if sparkly shadows aren't your thing, you might want to check those out.

I think the very slight cooling sensation most likely comes from the cucumber extract in these.  They are silicone based, which, I believe, gives them the creamy texture, but dry, powder finish.  Because of the creamy and soft consistency, you have to close these suckers up tight!  They will dry out quickly if the lid is not fully screwed on.

I am enjoying these shadows tremedously.  They are incredibly pretty, and so much dang fun to use to boot!

I thought I'd show you the note that was included in my package:

Have you tried any ColourPop shadows?  What are your favorites?


  1. Any company that sends a hand written note is A-OK in my book! How cool.
    Those shadows look gorgeous too! That Krinkle color?! Ah!

  2. Love the packaging and the handmade note!!

  3. What a lovely haul! I've heard great things about this brand and you're definitely tempting me further. Love that they're so affordable and also cruelty free! Those glimmery shadows are super pretty on you :)

  4. I just got a ton of lippies and shadows for Christmas. I have So Quiche and Cricket. My reviews will go up in the next few weeks. Glad that you are enjoying them!

  5. Krinkle is amazing. That was the first one to grab my eye, for sure. I've been pretty tempted to try Colour Pop... I see lots of pretty hauls showing up on Instagram and other blogs. I didn't know the shadows gave a slight cooling sensation... that's... well... cool!

  6. These colors look gorgeous! I'll be putting in a ColourPop order soon. I love how they included a note.

  7. The handwritten note is a wonderful touch. I'm quite impressed.

  8. Yeah, blogs are definitely enabling. I loooove Krinkle.

  9. I have to admit -- none of the lippie colors really appealed to me. Maybe your reviews will change my mind!

  10. Isn't the note funny? I loved it. And, yeah, so much blog love made me jump on the bandwagon.

  11. The embossing on the shadows is so pretty! The note really made me chuckle.

  12. I thought the note was wonderful. Krinkle is beyond awesome. The photos really don't do it justice.

  13. I've already done a review on Brink and Bichette, having one coming up on Lumiere, then a 3rd with 5 others! lol

  14. Ohhh I'm looking forward to your reviews of more colors!