Tuesday, September 30, 2014

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Palette Swatches

I bought the limited edition MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Palette because I had to have it.  That's a good reason to buy something, right?  The colors are so saturated and gorgeous and amazing and oh my goodness.  I thought I do some simple swatches of it for your viewing pleasure.

Colors from left to right:
   M-536 -- "Milk Tea" -- this works well as a blending color for my skintone
   I-524 -- "Pinky Beige" --  nice highlighting shade
   I-550 -- "Olive Gray" -- pretty shimmery taupe
   D-652 -- "Celestial Earth" -- this has some sparkle
   ME-728 -- "Copper Red" -- very pigmented!
   ME-230 -- "Peacock Blue" -- gorgeous jewel tone (my favorite)
   D-926 -- "Blueberry" -- this has some sparkle
   ME-930 -- "Black Purple" -- great liner color

Some odd names for some of the colors (like Olive Gray)...

Daylight bulb:

Natural light:

I love the mix of neutrals and jewel tones.  What a beauuuuuutiful palette.

Expect some many eye/face of the day posts using this.

The MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Palette retails for $42 USD at Sephora.


  1. Gorgeous!!! #need

  2. haven't heard too many reviews of this palette, but holy smokes is it super pretty!! Need to go and check this out!


  3. Ah, this palette is so ultra pretty! I saw it in store and totally swooned- it basically includes all of my favourite shades of shadows. Thanks for the swatches! xo

  4. Weird color names indeed. But very, very pretty ones!

  5. Yeah, that was my first instinct too!

  6. I'm surprised it's not getting more attention/press. It's fantastic.

  7. The peacock blue sealed the deal for me. It is crazy beautiful.

  8. They are wonderful! There are so many possible color combos, too.

  9. Peacock Blue makes sense, but Copper Red and Olive Gray seem odd. And even Blueberry because it's not the color of a blueberry at all. In any case, they are gorgeous.