Thursday, September 25, 2014

LORAC Face of the Day Fail?

Ever do your makeup and feel "I kind of hate this" about it?  I had one of those days recently. Maybe it was just my mood in general, but I wasn't keen on how this turned out.  Or at least how it started.

I used the LORAC PRO Palette thinking some neutrals were in order for the day (I have no idea/can't remember why), and started with using mostly Mauve in the crease, Pewter on the lid, and Deep Purple in the outer v corner.  I felt like it was really muddy and blah, which is when I started to get annoyed and started to dislike what I had done.  Instead of starting all over, I just patted some Gold over the top of everything (which really blotted out the Pewter shade), added Cream in the inner corner and under the brow, and lined my upper lashes with Black.  Once I added liner on the lower waterline and some mascara, I felt a little better about it, but I'm still not that keen on it.

Mauve in the crease
Pewter on the moving lid
Deep purple in the outer corner
Gold on the moving lid
Black as liner on the upper lashline
Cream in the inner corner and under the brow

from left: Mauve, Pewter, Deep purple, Gold, Black, Cream

Tarina Tarantino Hyperliner eyeliner in Tommy Jet on the lower waterline
L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara

I added some favorite shades on my cheeks and lips to try to make me happier.

Cheeks: NARS Orgasm blush

Lips: Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait

from left: NARS Orgasm blush, Revlon Peach Parfait Lip Butter

I managed a smile.  ;)

I guess it turned out fine.  Whatever.  I guess it was a grumpy day for me.

How do you deal with a look you aren't happy with?  Start over, change it, or live with it?


  1. Oh I have lots of days like that. Usually I just build on top of it rather than starting over, haha. I think you look nice though!

  2. I absolutely have days like that.I look at the finished product and I'm like, "Bleh. No. Unfortunately, I rarely have time to trouble shoot so I just go with grumpy face all day. :P
    See, I think that look is awesome! But, we all have those little differences how we like our makeup to look. I DO love Peach Parfait--one of my favorite lip colors!

  3. I think it looks good! Its an interesting pairing and yes I have those days too. I just keep adding colors on top until I am ok with how it looks lol.

  4. Thanks, Rebecca! I guess building colors on top of other makes the look mre dimensional or something.

  5. I think it's quicker to add colors rather than remove all the makeup and start over, but I have actually done that.

  6. Peach Parfait works with everything!