Friday, February 28, 2014

Makeup for Glasses Wearers

I just got a new pair of eyeglasses the other day (I usually wear contacts, but it's good to take a break from wearing them a couple days a week), and it got me thinking about how it seems like attitudes towards glasses have changed.  When I started wearing glasses (at 16 months old back in the 70s) glasses were not particularly stylish, in my opinion.  Nowadays, glasses are seen as an accessory rather than just something functional that helps you see the world.  Heck, you can buy frames without any kind of correcting lenses in them just to look cool.

my new specs!

It also got me thinking about flattering makeup for when I'm wearing my eyeglasses.  I've read so many different makeup rules for glasses wearers that it kind of amuses me.  Some of the "rules": lots of liner versus very little liner; bold colors on the lips (to draw attention away from the eyes) versus  neutral colors on the lips (to not make the face look "cluttered"); neutral colors on the eyes versus bold colors on the eyes (to make them stand out); no shimmer or sparkle on the eyes (satin or matte only) versus shimmery shadows on the eyes; and so on.  Sheesh.  It does seem like there are a couple common ideas, though.  Concealer under the eyes and well-defined brows.  But the funny thing is, generally speaking, that is true for non-glasses wearers.  So, my conclusion?  There are no rules.  Wear whatever makeup you want to wear.

Bold lips and neutral eyes:

Lined eyes and natural lips:

Bold eyes and neutral lips:

What do you think?  Do you follow makeup "rules"?


  1. gorgeous !

  2. Makeup "rules" are silly. I think of them more as "suggestions". In any case I think your looks with glasses are pretty, including the bold eye look at the bottom. I've never worn glasses, but I guess my only concern would be accidentally getting mascara on the lenses or something...

    1. I'm constantly cleaning my lenses because my lashes hit them.