Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sephora Sun Disk Swatches

I spotted the Sephora Sun Disk on the Sephora website a few weeks ago.  Sephora makes these limited edition extra large bronzers each year, I think.  The design of this one (kind of looks like tiger stripes, right?) really drew me in.

The lighter bronze shade has some sparkle running through it, but the darker shade and the peach are matte.  It's quite pigmented, and gives a little bit of a sheen to the skin.

It has a floral scent that is only smellable (how's that for a word) when the compact is open.

This is a warm-toned bronzer thanks to all the peach running through it.

Here are some swatches in natural daylight of other bronzers I have next to a swatch of the Sephora Sun Disk for comparison:

from left: Sephora Sun Disk, Too Faced Milk Chocolate, MAC Refined Golden, NYX When Leopard Gets a Tan, Laura Geller Bronze-n-Brighten

Something to note: the Sephora Sun Disk is gigantic.  Here it is next to some other bronzers:

Seriously huge.

I'm really enjoying this bronzer.  It warms up my skin nicely, and I think it works decently as a blush, too.

I never need to buy another bronzer.  But I'm sure I will.  ;)


  1. Who would ever need a bronzer that big?! Well, me, apparently.

  2. Ok now that is HUGE! I'm digging the pattern though. I'm also liking that NYX swatch.

  3. That is huge! Also, I love how pretty the design is. That makes it so much more fun.

  4. That is... massive. Big enough to share with all your friends! Except no, because ew. (The design is really pretty though!)

  5. I don't think I spotted this one on the website. It is very pretty indeed. Bronzers don't feature heavily in my collection...though I did just splurge on one by YSL. Opps! :-) xo

  6. The NYX leopard bronzer is very pretty and glowy, and I forget how much I like it.

  7. The design makes it more interesting than just a giant pan of brown.

  8. Yeah, sharing makeup is a little... ew. But there certainly is enough bronzer in this compact to bronze an army.

  9. Ohhhh YSL bronzer. That sounds awfully nice!!